Saturday, 6 September 2008

Asian Shopkeeper's Contempt for Sale Of Goods Act

by john of gwent

One of my regular trawls of the 'net dig up a most amazing find in the 'lack of respect for the law of the land' category. Feel free to go read the story for yourself in the Manchester Asian News but assuming you don't want to increase their site hit rate I'll give you the basics here.

"FATHER-of-four is calling for action after police took two hours to respond to his 999 call – despite him being less than 350 yards from a police station. Great Harwood shopkeeper Altaf Patel, 28, rang the police after a spade-wielding thug threatened to kill him shortly after 11am on Monday.

In this guy's words "A man I had never seen before came into the shop .... so I served him and he left. Shortly afterwards he returned, demanding his money back, and when I told him he could only have a credit note he picked up a spade and threatened to kill me. I asked him if I could make a phone call before he killed me and surprisingly he said ‘yes’. I phoned the police and as I told them someone was threatening to kill me with a spade he put it back in the stand and ran off towards Commercial Road."

When the police finally arrived they told him that they had not attended immediately because they believed he was not in immediate danger as the man had fled. Hyndburn Council leader Peter Britcliffe slammed the delay as "appalling". He said: "I have now written to the police to find out what the problem was because waiting two hours for this sort of incident is too long.

Really, Mr Britcliffe ? The police never even bothered coming round to my house after I had been forced to defend it with my bare hands against a gang of drunken vandals. They never even bothered to send somone to collect the unconscious form of the bastard who came at me with a jemmy and who I was forced to throw down a railway embankment. Mr Patel should think himself lucky anyone bothered to call on him at all

But while you're writing that letter, Mr Britcliffe, why don't you do the rest of your job and have this man arrested for a breach of the Sale Of Goods Act as you would for any white man.

Take another look at that picture. And read the words on the sign by the till. They are a clear breach of the Sale of Goods Act which makes it crystal clear that the seller of goods that are not of merchantable quality must, when such defects are brought to their attention, offer a refund and can only offer repair or replacement if the customer agrees to it.

So Mr Britcliffe, come on then, you'd cheerfully send the shop gestapo round to 're-educate' a white man who dared to flout the law in this way, and I have little doubt you'd find a way to penalise them in a way that bloated your own coffers too, no doubt.

So tell us, Mr Britcliffe. Why is this shopkeeper exempt from the law ?

Oh yeah, one more thing. The attacker was asian, too. Go read the article. But I knew all along he couldn't have been white because the article didn't go on to explain how three armed response vehicles and a police helicopter tracked down and shot the guy before he got to court.

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