Thursday, 25 September 2008

Hindus and Moslems can teach us nothing

The Green Cancer eating into the Christian Republic Srpska

Well that is not strictly true. They can teach us about death, grief and persecution.

I had not intended to write anything today but the continuing violence against Christians in two different parts of the world has forced me to put off my plans to have a day just reading my books.

First over to Orissa in India, where the persecution of Christians by Hindus continues unabated. You can search for other links if you wish. It is all out there if you look.

There are now 22,000 Christians held up in refugee camps, thousands more are hiding in the jungle with their homes already burnt to the ground and their churches now just smoldering ashes.
“There have been threats, beatings, and persecution for the last 20 years, but the [current] situation is very tense. People have been brutally murdered, hacked to death, women have been gang raped, and more than 100 churches in all six districts have been burned."
And why? Why, I asked myself and went hunting? And then I found the answer. The evil of the Indian Caste system where people are judged not on ability or success but birth.

"Low born" Indians of the "lower-caste" have been seeking to escape out of the Caste System by converting to Christianity. Instead they jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire of another kind of discrimination.

Rest assured, with the rise in Hindu Nationalism and the increasing numbers of Moslems in India, long term that Country will go the same way as Pakistan. Down into hell on earth.

Next we have to go read what is happening in what used to be the Serbian Republic of Bosnia, until we betrayed one our oldest Christian Allies and sold them and their land to colonizing Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

After the division of that sad land, the Serbs were forced to dismantle their army and hand over half their land to the Moslems who occupy the Federation of Bosnia under the disgusting Dayton Peace Agreement.

But you know the turnips. Never happy with an inch when they can steal a mile, they are now demanding the "abolition of the Serb entity" and all of the land.

Forced to disarm, one wonders at what chance the Christian have because they can expect no help from the West. It was the West that shamefully betrayed them in the first place and European Union that demanded the abolishing of their army. After grabbing their mineral rights.

Incidentally the Serbs still consider Sarajevo as their capital. But since we handed it over to the Moslems, the Christians have all but "vanished" from the City when the Moslems moved in en-mass after the 1992-1995 war of oppression.

And how tolerant are the new Islamic owners? Not very. Especially if you are an homosexual where attacks by Islamic fanatics have already began.

Now let's go read that book.


tomorrow belongs to mo said...

I'm still hoping that a resurgent and increasingly confident Russia will come to Serbia's aid and kick the EUrabians, dhimmis and Muslims out.

As for India, eventually push will come to shove between Hindus and Muslims and the entire subcontinent, including Pakistan, will turn into a bloodbath of unimaginable horror, with violent repercussions among our own vibrant Asian communities.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The Indians are among the most racially biased people in the world and their caste system is segregation based upon selective breeding. Broadly, the darker the skin, the lower the caste with little or no inter breeding.In the book "Thug or a Million Murders", the author states , regarding castes," that they are innately different;consequently, any mixture of blood, or cross marriage, or even contact of the members of different races is the greatest crime, and the social status of every individual is entirely determined by the "blood"of his parents.." "Men of the higher castes who, in their folly wed wives of low caste, soon degrade their families and their children." The lower castes may take whatever religion they think will benefit them, they have centuries of prejudice to overcome and they will be lucky if they escape their fated paths. There is much in this book of interest and relevence to today, not only regarding the continent of Asia but our own society where " the mentally better stock in the nation is not reproducing itself as the same rate as of old. The less able and less energetic are more fertile than the better stock." You only have to look at our Members of Parliament to see the truth of this and the multitude of sheep people who, given a tv and some sport and booze are content and allow their country to be taken from them. The influx of Muslim and Hindu and other Asian peoples is a disaster for Britain and the future will take its toll on our children and grand children for this generations folly in allowing these volatile people to came to our land in vast numbers. I see they are now campaigning for open air cremation. Is there no limit to the barbarity and filthy third world customs they seek to foist upon us?