Tuesday, 16 September 2008

UAF - Incitement to violence against BNP

Clearly an incitement to violence. When will the police do something?

One wonders when the authorities are going to have the courage to close down the Unite Against Freedom(UAF) sites that hides under the Unity umbrella.

Their sites and forums regularly post articles that are an incitement to cause violence by encouraging people to take, what is effectively terrorist actions against the British National Party and those who support them.

As you can clearly see from the above image, taken from the Unity Forum. By publishing the article the owners of the site are clearly supporting the original poster.

But that is not going to happen, these Stalinist thugs are only doing the work of their paymasters. Like IRA/Sinn Fein, the UAF is the militant wing of the Labour Party, supposed socialists who do the work of global capitalists. Fools, thugs, dupes and cowards. What a combination.

They have now published, what they believe to be one of the addresses that British National Party merchandise is supposedly shipped from and are calling for people to make the owners of the factory units aware of their personal displeasure that the BNP are shipping from there, such horrific items as;
  • Badges with "Enoch Powell was right". Wasn't he just.
  • Badges with "Say no to asylum" and worst of all. T-shirts with "BNP" on them.
All good stuff. Order online today here.

Evidence that their moderator, the homosexual dwarf,
Mr Fister supports the terrorists

Recently the Unity Site was forced to remove a particularly violent thread where it seems that many of their members (about six) , obviously whacked out of their skulls on something, let rip with a load of violent posts that even Mr Fister realised was a step too far towards jail and a real fisting for all of them from some big enrichers sharing their cells.

We call in on the Unity Shite Site now and again just to see what the Cider Gliders are up to and will keep you informed. All in all though, they are about as funny as a soup sandwich and are not even worth a link.

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Connie D said...

Oh well, no different to what our CHILDREN face every day in school, "white man bad" white woman "chav whore". These people make me smile wanly.
On a positive note, could white mum's continue to be the regulators of the domestic expentiture (recycle, recycyle recycle) and could white dads in UK continue to care for their kids, give mum the housekeeping and teach your sons to be fit to head a household in fairness and equality (something foreign upstarts can't manage?)
The only problem I can see for the future is that the foreign upstarts still have big testicles while Nu Labour seems to have castrated our police, judiciary and sadly a lot of our menfolk!
(This doesn't include Antifa and their rest of their black/Asian and Lefty Wing balaclava guys)

watling said...

We know what the Islamofascists' position is on Jews, homosexuality and equality for women. So how come we never hear about the UAF commies protesting outside a mosque?

It's a real puzzle.

watling said...
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Anonymous said...

"If one is truly opposed to fascism, then one must be
equally opposed to both liberalism and marxism. The eradication of one
requires eradication of the others, not simply in their material dimensions
but conceptually, in terms of their hegemonic capacities."

The Nature of Fascism, (author unkown), (nd): http://www.arbeiterring.com/pdf/imov_sam.pdf

The SPASTICS in the UAF might do well to read this short article; they would do even better to consult any dictionary and look-up the word "fascism".

Communism is (by many definitions of the noun “fascism”) fascist.

Inane, banal, state servitor gutter kids who wear sweatshop-guaranteed Che t-shirts. They have no conception whatsoever of the arrant hypocrisy and utter stupidity of their comical stance.

These cretins cannot AND MUST NOT be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

if these cretins had a higher IQ than that of a potatoe, they would realise that these "tactics" are identical to those the goat humping taliban use.

ivan said...

i see mr short arse fister is still posting on the unity sight.STEVE THOMPSON to be precise formerly from telford now believed to be living down margate way.the bloke is a sad piece of shit that rings up schools making threats against nationalists kids.opps he cocked up a while ago as he found himself making threats against a young child on the phone.WAY TO GO MR FISTER,WAY TO GO YOU UMPA LUMPA

Anonymous said...

its Frankfurt School Subversion. They somehow believe once they have destroyed society,and installed their totalitarian regime, the koranimals will either fall into place (no doubt due to gratitude) or they will be able to control them. Almost all these marxists are atheists, so they have the same contempt for islam as they do Christianity. They just see islam as a weapon with which to destroy Christianity.

Anonymous said...

All the usual suspects are on their. Tossofski, Garside, Thompson, Morpeth, Gable, Bennett.

Everybody should try to join but you have to get past their security and give a reason for joining.

I've been booted twice for no reason. I think they match Internet Protocal addresses so join with a proxy like this https://www.stupidcensorship.com/

Anonymous said...


watling said...

Do these Neanderthal UAF Worzel Gummidge lookalike fascists realise that when they disrupt BNP meetings and threaten to assault BNP supporters they are copying the tactics on one Adolf Hitler, whose rise to power was characterised by his ability to rouse his followers to commit acts of violence against his opposition?

A fascist by any other name is still a fascist.

Labour Party = Nazi Party
UAF = die Sturmabteilung (SA)