Thursday, 4 September 2008

Can you tell me .....

I have just received an interesting comment from Fuming, which I copy in full below.

I was talking to our local Borough Councillor this morning and he told me that all the Councillors had been subjected to an "assessment" by a representative of the Government to see if they were doing their job properly.

One question they were each asked was "Can you tell me what precautions are in place to prevent the BNP from gaining any seats on the this Council in the next elections?". He assures me that this is true, and all the other councillors were each asked in turn.
Now I have no reason to doubt the poster but am wondering if Fuming would be kind enough to post the Council involved, whether it was cross party and if the the enquirer was really a representative of the Government or the Labour Party.

If it was a government representative then that would most certainly be illegal and if a Labour representative then on whose authority are they acting. Interesting.

Have any other readers heard similar stories from other Councils around the Country. Our Country.


Community Cohesion - Page four end paragraph

Local PSA NET - End of page seven

Sefton Borough - Search on BNP within document

Keep them coming

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Anonymous said...

On this - The Trots are whining about the Akbar getting eight years for killing the B.N.P. member in Stoke.


No doubt their vile cohorts at New Labour, will be blaming everybody but themselves again - and dreaming up new ways to stop the B.N.P. growing even bigger in the near future. - After all - This is a future Islamic republic you know!! - Brought to you courtesy of a Fabians Society near you...

Anonymous said...

Just how scared are this cabal of miscreants and traitors?. Labour really are the pits, though I suspect that this comes from above them, from those who control all the main parties. Better were the days when local councils took care of the bin collections and the pavements, just who gave them almost life over death power over the public?, and for what reason. I recall a booklet many years ago which outlined the future of local "authorities", and how they would be built up into mini dictatorships prying into the lives of tose who pay their wages, I think it was called "Treason at Westmister. So it was all planned way before our 'Tone came along, he was just another puppet.

Anonymous said...

Official document which makes some scathing comments on the BNP see page 4 next to last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Towards bottom of page 7

Anonymous said...

Quite a few refernces to the BNP in this

Try googling on 'community cohesion bnp' for more

Anonymous said...

that's interesting

The south holland document reveals mosquitoes have been deployed to prevent youths gathering near elderly residents complexes

these are the sdame boxes shopkeepers in labour controlled newport were forced to remove as they breach hooligans human rights to congregate ???

Anonymous said...

That south holland dosument really is a gold mine. Notice that when residents started to complain about council's planning policies to encourage travellers they were immediately tagged as "hate criminals" and the council told they must step up measures to target hate crime, presumably until until the pikeys have been accepted.

Sounds to me like a case of 'the floggings will continue until morale improves'

I must go see if newport couincil have one of these ...

Fyrdist said...

Cohesion? Glad to see Nationalist cohesion.

A very well done to GA and all those who supplied this valuable information for saddos like me who will sift through it all to reveal more and more ammunition to smash this corrupt and decadent system.

Thank you very much. Ten out of ten.


Mike said...

The Sefton doc is extremely interesting to me as I live there, but am I the only one that on reading the doc kept thinking that it had been written by some Common Purpose gobshite, as it had the feel of one of their pathetic anti-indigene efforts.