Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Child kidnapped "Mammy please help me"

The following article as been taken from the West Wales Patriot BNP site and reposted by their request. I urge all other blog sites of whatever persuasion to carry the story.

For years now the state has been systematically breaking up families in many ways. The States aims have always been to replace family responsibility to bring up their children with their own warped idea of how children should be cared for. The following story is just the tip of a much larger, evil iceberg..................

I was invited to attend a meeting on Wednesday 27th August by the family and supporters of Linda Lewis "Bonnies Mother."

Never before have I been so shocked at the level of corruption and collusion that so many people have entered into purely to cover up their tracks as a result of their own incompetence.The following story is a warning to every parent and grandparent in our country.

Finally, the courage shown in the face of such adversity by the Lewis family is astounding. Linda is simply a wonderful mother and person who's determination to get her daughter back is without limits.One day she will succeed and the corrupt and evil people who have manipulated this "Illegal Kidnapping" of a 12 year old girl will be brought to account.

The following story is dedicated to Bonnie, who's tragic plight will never be forgotten.

Now Bonnie is 22 years of age.

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I do not know how we can help Bonnie get reunited with her mother but we must try.


johnofgwent said...

Take it from one who knows, GA

There's nothing you can do.

Bear in mind that sarah is only alive because the arsewipe incompetent consultants in bristol who killed all the other kids didn't get the chance to kill her too kill because they told us her condition was too difficult to repair at that time and left us to bring her home untreated. The parents in the waiting room as we left felt really sorry for us.

Yet a few years later sarah was getting better of her own accord and their kids were in the ground, killed by medical incompetence.

Fortunatelty a whistleblowing anaesthetist told the world of their acts of incompetence and they were quietly pensioned off.

Yet that anaesthetist is now working in Oz forced out of this country by the consultants that refused to work with a whistleblower and to this day the fat bastards in charge of the trust say there is nothing to apologise for.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. GA. This item drew almost forty comments on the West Wales site and publicised a state of affairs most people would think could never occur in Britain. As JoG sates, it would seem that there is nothing that can be done when the all-powerful State and its myriad branches and tentacles decide to close ranks. What a state of affairs in a country that always prided itself on its freedom and integrity in public affairs- all, if it ever really existed, long since gone. The British public are too docile, too civilised to stir themselves over such injustice. The political parties know this and take ever increasing advantage of the fact to pass ever more restrictive laws to tie us down. It will all, eventually,end in tears, I only hope they will not be our tears.