Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The BNP spread a little happiness

Labour traitors are giving our own country, heritage, culture and customs away. Joe Public aren't fooled any more. These Lib/Lab/Conmen need to be replaced with the only party which will stop this madness. Vote for the BNP to ensure that your children and grandchildren have a future in their own country.

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tomorrow belongs to mo said...

More doom and gloom:

"Farmers fear worst harvest in 40 years" (with many more unproductive mouths to feed thanks to the LibLabCon's open door to parasites)

Oil prices rise as OPEC puts the squeeze on Dahr al-Harb.

House prices to fall by 25% , trapping young couples in negative equity

Harriet Harm-men tries to re-ignite the class-war in attempts to draw attention away from NuLabour's crumbling multi-culti experiment.

(BTW She's stereotypical upper middle class )

odin said...

Great Vid!

Anonymous said...

Cool Soundtrack (!)

"Brimstone and Treacle", was it not??

Sting portrays a highly dubious character who one is led to believe is actually straight from the 666th floor of hell, who wheedles his way into the lives of Mr and Mrs Average to rape their daughter left helpless following some sort of accident.

Actually that sounds just about right for a soundtrack to accompany a vid explaining how the Cult of The Dead Paedo are cheerfully bending all of us over a barrel