Wednesday, 3 September 2008

When is a knife not a knife?

These are not knifes. They are blades with points

Quite simple really if you are North Yorkshire Police. When it is "having an article with a blade or point in a public place."

Once you have redefined the meaning of the word "knife", you can slash your quota to the government statistics and claim;
“Figures for knife crime across North Yorkshire and the city of York are still some of the lowest across the country"
Reporting that North Yorkshire Police had the third lowest total of knife crime with only 66 crimes reported in 2007/2000 they omitted the true figure by redefining the word knife. The true figure was actually treble that figure and was only revealed to a councillor using the Freedom of Information Act.

Check out these three cases in which only one was counted as a crime involving a knife.
On July 26, Museum Gardens was evacuated following reports of a youngster waving a knife around.

But a North Yorkshire Police spokesman said the incident would not count towards the BCS knife crime figures, as the recorded offence was “having an article with a blade or point in a public place” – which is not one of those logged in the BCS.

On August 3, there was a fight involving men in Martin’s Court off Leeman Road, York.

One was waving a knife. Police arrived and shot him with a Taser gun. Again, this will not count towards the BCS figures as it too was classed as an offence of “having an article with a blade or point in a public place”.

On August 13, a woman was robbed by a man with a knife, behind Westgate Apartments, near the River Ouse.

The man put a knife to the victim’s throat, took her purse, and kicked her about the head.

This will count towards the BCS knife-crime figure, as it was classed as a robbery: assault with intention to rob – and that is one of those counted as serious violent crime in the BCS.
Lies, lies and statistics. You can no longer believe anything the politicized police say. They lie and spin just like their Nu-Labour Masters.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. GA. Knife crime!! A friend of mine was returning home just a week ago with his Lurcher in the back of his car and about six rabbits which the Lurcher had caught and my friend had gutted in the fields with his knife, an ordinary pocket knife with a three inch blade. The guts were left for the birds, foxes, whatever. Being able to find nothing wrong with the vehicle and having no other reason to detain him , he was told he was carrying an offensive weapon, taken in to the nick and now awaits a charge. This in a rural area where a stabbing has probably never been recorded and where generations of young men have carried a pocket knife for many a varied purpose, none of which included plunging it iinto a fellow human being.
I wonder how many of those stopped and found to be carrying a knife, are charged in our inner city, enriched areas.
I always carry a pocket knife and always will. I wait to see if I am ever arrested. Is this another of our accepted freedoms which we are expected to forfeit just because crazed, falsely macho, ethnic idioits, strangers to civilised behaviour, use knives as they ahways have done in their own homelands, as weapons of lethal intent.
I am now a rural person, practically every male in my area will have a kife about him and finds a daily use for it. Murders and woundings are conspicuous by their absence in our community

Anonymous said...

I thought it was only a knife if it was being carried by a white person, something to do with the changes in metallurgical composition of the blade when in contact with Caucasian skin, commonly known as the Bullshit Principle ;-)