Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Victory for freedom and Solidarity

The suspension from work of three members of the autonomous nationalist Trade Union Solidarity was an important milestone for civil liberties for a number of reasons.
First, the right to join a Trade Union of one's choice is enshrined in UK Employment legislation (not to mention our obligations under International Treaty). I always believed that the Union could win any Court case but that would have taken time and money. By the campaign achieving such a quick turnaround it does away with this necessity and helps deter others.
Second, the reason why the employer took this outrageous measure in the first place was down to another Union's (UNITE) pressure (objecting to a loss of local members and Solidarity's non-Marxist stance). For a Union to undermine the years of struggle to obtain such Union rights is incredibly naive at best and twisted at worst.
Third, we are entering a new era of MaCarthyism where civil liberties are degenerating into a 'pick 'n' mix' where some may exercise such liberties whilst others cannot. In 50's USA, MaCarthy decided who was 'American' and who was 'un-American' and therefore not worthy of enjoying certain liberties. The same process is developing in our own country now.
I believe that all civil liberties are universal and what is right for one is for another , regardless of political affiliation or rivalry. That is why I would encourage you to consider supporting the rights group Civil Liberty ( who helped us with the campaign to re-instate our Union Brothers. Why not consider giving them a small donation to encourage their work?
You might also be interested in the work of the Trade Union itself ( As you might expect It carries out a lot of 'bread n' butter' work representing its' members at grievance, disciplinary hearings and tribunals. We also provide advice and guidance on a whole range of work related issues.
However, it is also rather different from the traditional established Trade Unions. Whilst Solidarity sees its' role as primarily looking after the rights and interests of members (hence the original petition!) it also recognises that the British worker in general has been suffering from the off-shoring of jobs and a major influx of migrant, predominantly cheap, non-unionised labour. This Union, unlike others, is not afraid to tackle sensitive yet vital topics.
Take a look at the attached issue of the Union's Trade Journal British Worker to give you a flavour of the Union's work. If you think this is for you I urge you to join now.
Membership fees are only £5 per month, and paid via a Standing Order (form is printed in the attached British Worker) or via PayPal at the Union website. You can also pay by cheque (£30 for 6 Months / £60 for 12 Months).

Cheques should be made payable to 'Solidarity'. We recommend that you use Certificate of Posting or Recorded Delivery. Its address is:

The Secretary, Solidarity, P O Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN.
Hope to hear from you soon and thanks once again for helping us assert a fundamental right!
Patrick Harrington
General Secretary
Solidarity Trade Union

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Anonymous said...

I think that it is great that our Autonomous Nationalist Union is working so closely with Civil Liberty. Civil Liberty is in the frontline of defending the rights of Nationalists too! I recall that they called the demo outside the School which is persecuting Brother Mark Walker and which I (along with many others attended). It is practical, on the ground stuff with egos left aside. Solidarity and Civil Liberty are blazing a trail but imho they rely on the goodwill of one man - Nick Griffin. It is his commonsense and strategic vision which has allowed them to bloom.