Friday, 12 September 2008

Come on. Let's go down the Whitmore Arms

On the left a BNP leaflet. On the right a UAF leaflet?
Hey what is that on the BNP leaflet?

I have written in the past, on how the Stalinists of the UAF, unable to win support at the ballot box use fear, intimidation and dirty tricks to try and prevent the growth of the British National Party.

These actions of course, make them the darlings of the Lib/Lab/con alliance who should really be treating them as terrorists rather then adding their own names to the list of shame on the UAF site. Never mind. That list will come in useful down the road.

Some of the UAF performances are quite entertaining. When they stand like sheep in a field peering over an hedge at the BNP supporters on the other side enjoying themselves at the RWB. Then, suddenly, Smashing the Fash does not seem the good idea it was the night before when they were fueled up on strong cider.

However some of the UAF actions are not so funny, but they do reveal clearly the nature of the beast. Remember this story of a couple of days ago about the landlady of the Whitmore Arms in Orsett losing her rag over some leaflets that had gone out in the village announcing that there was to be a BNP meeting in her pub. A meeting that neither she nor the BNP knew anything about?

Well it seems there is a bit more to this story then first meets the eye and now the boys in blue are involved. Expect arrests - well never.

But a couple of interesting points are raised in it. The Landlady, Margaret first became aware of The Leaflet when a former member of staff threatened to boycott the pub because they were hosting a meeting of the BNP. Victoria, Margarets daughter said of the former employee;
“She believed what was in the leaflet and she knows us, so I have no idea what Joe Bloggs is going to think”
Leaving out the fact, that the Landlady should have told the erstwhile bottle washer to sling her hook, I would have thought the villagers of Orsett would have been delighted to hear that there was to be a meeting which announced;
“Orsett residents who oppose the local Conservative councillor’s plans to diversify the village with ethnic minorities”.
Now though, I think we are starting to get to the root of the matter. Intimidation and fear.
Margaret’s daughter Victoria Steadman said: “This is all very distressing for my family. My mum is in tears. I don’t know why our pub is being targeted.

"It is all because of the stupid BNP. We have no association with any political party.”
And what happens next? Well anyone who knows how the reds operate will tell you. The family then received an email from Thurrock Ant-Fascists(UAF) stating;
unless you call off this event we will arrive at your pub in huge numbers and disrupt the meeting.”
Now as someone with some experience of the mind games the reds play, I think I see what is happening here. The UAF concerned at the growth of the BNP in the area and across the country wanted to get a message out about the kind of action that venues would receive were they to permit the BNP to hold meetings.

Emma Colgate, the courageous local BNP Councillor denied that the leaflets were the work of the BNP and went on to say
“We do not advertise the venues of our political meetings, as like any other party we have to be aware of security risks.”
And I believe her. No, if I were the boys in blue, I would be looking in a different direction than the BNP and that is for sure.

But then again every cloud as a silver lining and so now the people of Orsett will be getting more police on the street to reassure residents.

Finally, with regards to those who attempt to intimidate the writers on this site. Your games are not working. We will not be stopped and neither will the BNP.


Anonymous said...

This is so transparent even Stevie Wonder could see through it.

What isn't quite so transparent is the stupidity on display here. I mean:

A perfectly legal party is accused of - shock, horror, gasp - wanting to meet peacefully in a public house, just as many other political parties do I might add.

The UAF send an email threatening to turn up in huge numbers (what like they did at RWB)and "disrupt" the meeting, i.e. break the law.

Yet the simple-minded landlady, goaded no doubt by the lib/lab/con lickspittle media, doesn't react with outrage at a group of people threatening and intimidating her.

Oh no, the blame lies with the BNP who have done nothing wrong whatsoever. That they haven't even organised a meeting there doesn't get them off the hook with these cretins.

The cowardice and stupidity of the British people sicken me sometimes they really do.


watling said...

Apart from big events like the RWB, in my experience the BNP do not publicly advertise any information about meetings. Indeed they don't publicly announce that meetings are even going to take place. Often even BNP members don't know where meetings will be taking place. They are given the location of a redirection point where they are then told the actual location for the meeting.

I cannot believe for a second that the BNP would distribute leaflets publicising precise details of a forthcoming meeting.

Fyrdist said...

On viewing the inn-keeper, Margaret, two issues become immediately apparent:

1) Her face is contrived (by the insistence of the press photographer?) of undue concern, yet she smacks of one that is gullible to the onslaught of unneeded worry: you know, the type that revel in misfortune and Jeremy Kyle shows, so empty are their lives that they have to find and appoint it some meaning;

2) May I please have a pint of scrumpy and a bag of pork scratchings? Who's that Indian guy at the end of the bar, Margaret? ...Really? I do hope his head gets better; there's a lot of bandages on his head.

Anonymous said...

I read the post, looked at the picture, and decided this woman has a face that could curdle beer at a hundred paces.

Whatever happenned to the jolly barkeep of legend ?

bernard said...

This is an interesting but local spat about fraudulent impersonation of a party, I guess.
No mention of this on the BNP central website as yet, but perhaps it doesn't warrant a second glance, but then again there may be some further facts pending, which may result in a small article later.
Either way let's hope the law has a look at this crassness.
Cameron must rue the day he put his name down as a supporter of the UAF.