Thursday, 4 September 2008

BNP. An election winning machine

I thought you might like to read this letter posted over on The Newton News. I know I did.

Dear Sir,

I would like to respond to the interesting letters which have appeared recently debating the British National Party.

I think that Ken Stubbs letter was matter of fact in content and the majority of his words were fair comment. However when he touched upon Nick Griffin’s court case he needs to realise that much worse things are said on the same subject in pubs and workplaces.

If every one of these incidents was investigated then tens of thousands of people would be up on the same charge. Mr Stubbs also didn’t like how Mr Griffin usurped the Chairman’s job from the previous leader. The fact is that the old BNP had a bad image which the former leader was happy with, but the party never made any progress.

Nick Griffin had more loyalty to Britain’s future than to some old BNP personalities and for the sake of our country’s future embarked on a mission to win support of the BNPs branches and regional leaders. He then made some ruthless changes, which I am 100% happy with, to turn the party into an election winning machine.

I couldn’t agree with Christine Sowerby’s letter and she must be very easily offended if she was shocked by the common sense policies which she viewed on

It is also very easy to say she is proud to be part of a multi cultural society when she lives in one of the most British of towns. I am sure there are many British people in Hackney who would jump at the chance to swap houses with her.

In parts of our country English is a second, third, fourth language. This and similar examples have given rise to a phenomenon called White flight, where droves of native Britons are giving up on their own area and escaping to places which still have a British feel to them.

Many people in the North East don’t know they are born when it comes to the nauseating reality of multi cultural societies.

Trevor Agnew


Anonymous said...

"Many people in the North East don’t know they are born when it comes to the nauseating reality of multi cultural societies".

And long may that be the case!!!!

For donkeys years, I never heard a Southern voice in Sunderland - Now there are many....

"White Flight"?

Of course this odious government are responding by sending countless immigrants into the Cities central areas, as fast as is humanly possible - but for some reason, many of them don't want to hang around for very long.

Must be the weather!!!!

Like The Roman said...

I hear a lot of English accents in Glasgow, much to the annoyance of a small minority of the locals!

When asking why they moved up here, I often receive a similar reply, that their town city is changing beyond recognition.

I certainly prefer Glasgow to the city I was familiar with as a child, Birmingham.