Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Boycott Islam

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This video, doesn`t break any of the Community Guidelines. This is a peaceful, democratic and legal campaign, just like the "Boycott Denmark" campaign was legal. This video isn`t racist and doesn`t aim to create tensions outside of YouTube. The majority of us don`t want violence and our objectives are peaceful. Please don`t take this video down again.


Its time for Europe to awake and start to react to the rise of Islamic extremism on our continent. For those that want to keep Europe, Independent, free and keep democracy and our Christian/Western identity on our continent then we should all do the following:

1)Boycott Islamic shops, restaurants, garages, video hire shops, airlines, online shops, travel agents, kebab shops, mobile 'phone sellers.
2)Don't allow your children to be brainwashed by "Islam is peace" Propaganda in schools. If they attend Mosques, forced to eat halal meat, etc... KICK UP A FUSS
3)Don't rent or buy a house from them. In fact don't even rent or sell them your house.
4)Don't use Islamic taxi firms.
5)Never buy Halal meat. Buy more bacon!!
6)If you are a manager, and you have muslim workers, tell them not to wear the veil.. Say it will offend non-Muslim workers. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
7)If they are planning to build a mosque in your area, then protest against it. Get family, friends, neighbours, local residents and protest harder against the plans.
8)Like point 3 said, don`t sell your property. If you own a shop, business, sell it to a non-Muslim.

Also Boycott Islamic countries. The follwing website link will give you a list of EAN-UCC prefix's, with the countries name and the ISO country code.



If you don`t want Islam ruling our lives, then share this video, favorite and rate it and lets show Islam that we will fight to the end to keep our countries free of medieval ideologies.

Thank you EnochPowell2008, for the song :)

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Anonymous said...

Subway & Quiznos are now on my boycott list as some of their branches offer halal food.

Anonymous said...

Change "some" to "mostly" Urban cos thats the reality.


tomorrow belongs to mo said...


"A jury at Manchester Crown Court found Syed Mustafa Zaidi, 44, guilty of two counts of child cruelty last month.

The boys, aged 13 and 15, were forced to beat themselves with a zanjeer whip, with five curved blades.

Zaidi, of Station Road, Eccles, was given a 26-week sentence, suspended for 12 months.

He was also prohibited from allowing or encouraging anyone under the age of 16 to beat themselves during the next 12 months."

...so it's okay after that?

Anonymous said...

Hello Green arrows.

Thanks for featuring my video =)

I am honored! Thank you very much.

I am planning on doing a video, on the companies we should Boycott. As a commenter stated above, Subway & Quiznos will be included. Just need to find a soundtrack to match it!

Thanks again Green Arrow and keep up the good work

From RIPGB1991