Thursday, 4 September 2008

England Awake

Well this is different. Really different but as someone who grew up with the images shown I can identify with it. I think a lot of you will.

What happened to the schoolyards where boys played British Bulldog and girls skipped?


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. As a Welshman I get a bit sick of being told that England must awake. Britain needs to awake and that includes Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I readily admit that England bears by far the greater responsibility by virtue of its strength and population and have often said that if Britain is to be saved then England must lead the way and lead the rest of us along with the momentum but please, lets hear it for Britain. A nation whose collective strength used to outreach its individual parts. We shouldnt forget that.

Like many of my age, I served in the forces and made many great friends from our four countries, united in just about everything except sport. Britain needs to awake, not just England. Still a good post though, have we progressed or have we regressed?

The images show a middle class England, found in the "Just William" books for instance. Lets not forget that most of the working class population couldnt manage a cricket ball let alone wickets, pads, whites and the rest of it.

In the new Britain, when our parasite invaders have retreated whence they came, we must ensure that we all get an equal slice of whatever cake is going, according to our efforts, talents and needs.

The Green Arrow said...

Celtic. Good morning.

You are right. It is BRITAIN that needs to awake but I can only work with what I have.

Regards to cricked, growing up in the Welsh Valleys in the early 60's we played it at school and on the streets. We NEVER played football. It was rugby or cricket.

Like your new posting style by the way. How about a real article I can put up? Any subject you like.

Anonymous said...

Worthwhile info in this link for wake up UK.


Anonymous said...

Fyrdist said...

Amazing clip! Ace soundrack. Did Kraftwerk do that specially for the Saxon brothers!?

English Rose said...

thanks for your lovely message xx

Anonymous said...

Off topic, sorry. I was talking to our local Borough Councillor this morning and he told me that all the Councillors had been subjected to an "assessment" by a representative of the Government to see if they were doing their job properly.

One question they were each asked was "Can you tell me what precautions are in place to prevent the BNP from gaining any seats on the this Council in the next elections?". He assures me that this is true, and all the other councillors were each asked in turn.

I wanted to be a candidate in the last elections, but by the time I got the necessary papers the closing date was past. THAT'S how they do it!

from "Fuming".

The Green Arrow said...

Fuming. Never worry about being off topic. We count on people like yourself spreading information that otherwise we would not know about.

I am going to use this now to see if this has happened elsewhere.


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bernard said...

Idiotic video...