Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Quote of the decade

Lehman Brother historical stock chart - 1 year

“Lehman Brothers is a great company today that can both look backwards with pride and look forwards with hope. And in wishing Lehman Brothers the success it deserves for its future, let me thank you for the privilege of being here and formally declare this new building open.”

- Gordon Brown, opening Lehman’s flashy new European HQ, Canary Wharf, 5 April 2004

Interesting thing about the collapse of Lehmans are the warning signs present in their stock charts. For those of you understand anything about Technical Analysis and share trading, which I do. Having once been a Day/Short Term trader living on a Level 2 Screen of information almost 24 hours a day until the stress almost killed me, I can say this.

Anyone holding stock should have been selling at around $50. After the drop to $35 and its recovery to $45 and then its plummet past $35 again it should have been enough to make any investor remember the golden rule "Run Profits. Cut Losses". Anyone still long at $20 deserved everything they got.

I still have my brass plaque on my desk after learning that rule the hard way. After that the bears have control and it is all over. Whilst people were losing their pensions, the short sellers were raking it in and laughing at the little people all the way home to their mansions. Short selling should be made illegal.

So should Gordon Brown, who you also remember was responsible for selling off Our Country's gold reserves for peanuts. Meanwhile the real moneywise people and other countries outside the EU were shoving it away ready for what is coming.


Fyrdist said...

Nice article, GA. Finance: a little something we didn't know about you. Seemingly, a man of many talents!

This banking collapse is the best news for years!

Peter said...

This says everything about the foresight that Gordon Brown has. Lets be honest, I think my ten year old daughter could have run the economy between 1997 and 2007, through the good times.

Gordon Brown is a fraud who has been revealed and exposed by these collapses on the financial markets. He encouraged the debt society we all live in so he must except the consequenses of collapse now.

Anonymous said...

The whole charade is the final act before the EU takeover, perhaps speeded up a little because they know their time is tight, as Nationalism is on the increase throughout Europe. All a carefully scripted manouvre toward the Marxist dream of a one world banking system. Yes there may appear to be three or four main players at the end of it all, just to give the Kuffar/Goy some semblance of choice, as in the political field, but make no mistake they will all sing from the same hymn sheet.