Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Sunday morning ramble

This is ours. We will never let them take it from us

Sunday. Boy they sure do come around quick. Where shall we go? I know. The previous post about the turnips plan to help the environment by burning the world. Let us start there.

This blog counts on people, mostly anonymous for emailing and leaving comments with links to such news stories that should concern us, humorous videos and of course vomit inducing ones such as the Dhimmi Browns "Sucking up to the Turnips" clip. Without information, a blogger is like a soldier who has no ammunition for his gun.

So you must keep those links coming... And now I know where this rambler is heading to. The Green Arrow Forum (I have been toying with the idea of changing the name), which needs assistance.

I am getting the feeling that this is going to be a longer than average ramble. Go make a cup of tea or coffee before continuing. Back? Good. Lets move on.

The forum continues to grow in membership, slowly it grows but could grow faster. The more registered members, the more likely that there will be someone who will step up to the plate and help in promoting the British National Party.

It needs a cyberspace activist to take over the "Calendar" to post details for forthcoming elections where the BNP are standing and to post the results and reports when the election has been fought. Yes, the BNP already has a forum for BNP members but not all supporters are members of the BNP for a variety of reasons. They need a home. The Green Arrow forum is there for them.

It needs a cyberspace activist to check out the dozens of excellent videos made by fellow nationalist supporters and to post them in a dedicated area. I currently have over 300 videos in my inbox sent to me by the creators of them or people who believes they should receive a wider viewing. I simply do not have time to watch them all.

I thank all of you who send them in and I am sorry if I do not acknowledge receipt . That apology also applies to those who email the links. Again, it is time that prevents me and yes also a little bit of burnout. We need a volunteer to build our library of useful videos.

And policing the forum is a thankless job that Brighton Rock does well but even he cannot be there all the time. He is currently on leave from his position and having a break from fighting the endless attacks from the red disruptor's who seek to bring the forum and this blog down.

Over the last few days I have had to block and ban several new members who posted disinformation, racist statements(no real BNP supporter would say such things) and downright lies that could be copied over to their sites and pointed to as showing what a bunch of nasty people we supposedly are.

However in a cyberwar as in a real war there are sometimes "friendly fire" casualties. It may be possible that a few genuine people have been denied access to the blog and forum. If this has happened to you, email me and I will rectify the situation for you. Basically we need another moderator of Brighton Rocks caliber. Ancient Brit?

And the forum also needs its members to contribute in the debates, it is how we learn. It is how we get new ideas that can be fed upwards if useful. It is how we help each other in just living in a tougher world.

The articles and news stories posted by our news researchers are widely read across the country and world. And those stories are used by patriotic sites to inform the slumbering public. Those guys and gals, do a great job in finding the news to bring to you. Leave a comment. Their efforts deserve some thanks.

Now onto the Green Arrow Blog. Thankfully now, we have a growing number of "guest" writers. Good writers, serious writers, humorous writers. We want more.

I cannot express in words how good it is to get up and see an article posted by someone else. I feel that pressure to write personally is removed. Because even though many of the articles that have been written are timeless in their content a blog needs fresh content daily to ensure that you the reader returns and hopefully learns.

So we want more "guest" writers and we want articles not just pointing out what is wrong with Our Country but also articles to inspire hope and articles that educate and help our fellow True Brits. Send them in.

Now for the distasteful bit. As the Green Arrow has grown in readership across the country and the world so to have the attacks on it.

The site as been hacked by Turkish Moslems and personal threats have come not just from Moslems but the real fascists of the UAF/ANTIFA. I have even had threats from Hindus and one that really does hurt (if I could be), fellow nationalists who do not believe that the BNP is the way forward. If I was to spend my time taking up their "invitations" to go meet then I would never be at home.

Now to counter these attacks on the forum and blog. The Green Arrow, despite being a lean Green fighting machine needs money to counter them. Money is the ammunition in the cyberspace war, it is like diesel to a tank. Without it the machine stops and can no longer function.

It needs $7 per month to keep the forum free of adds for the members. If we wanted the forum to be free of adds for all the guests who view it then it would be much more.

The Blog(s) needs $8 per month for the statistical software that incorporates IP tracking so that in the event of it ever being needed, then the posters of the threats(or worse) can be located.

But as I have pointed out on the forum. The reds are getting smarter(they are not all stupid) and they are now using software that hides their IP addresses to they can remain anonymous. Well I can counter that. I can block them. But to do that I need 80$ a year. But that means at least I do not have to filter out their garbage and threats from the important information send in by other supporters of the BNP resistance.

And finally the real big kicker for someone living on a very limited pension income. It costs £25 per month for my mobile access to the Internet. Fortunately this has just dropped from the £51 per month I have been paying since I started blogging. I regularly exceed the "fair usage" policy due to the amount of information I download in the shape of videos and images to be used by the sites.

Now, because of something that is a part of life happening, my limited funds are having to be used for hospital visits and parking charges. I will not lie, I never do. It is a struggle.

I would have liked to have gone to the RWB. I would like to travel to meetings and meet fellow BNP supporter but I simply cannot afford to. Money at my age, means nothing to me personally other than as ammunition to attack our enemies. So if you have any left after donating to the BNP, then press the Donate button on the right.

Retaining my sense of humour, if it helps and you are an animal lover then picture the Green Arrow as the old dog left tied up outside in the rain. If you care about the elderly then see me as the cold freezing pensioner putting on extra jumper on the advice of the fat cat bosses of the Gas Companies. Either way click that button and help keep the Green Arrow machine running.

Finally on the matter of donations. A big thanks to you who have helped in the past, this article is being written on a laptop that was bought by donations some time ago, just after I started. If there are donations and there is enough, I intend to purchase software that will allow me to make videos and voice narrations that will rock your socks off. Promise.

Right, with that out of the way. Let us finish on a real high. The Melton by-election result.
What a barnstormer. Over 32% of the vote. So how do I personally see the future.

Well after over 3 decades of personally waiting I believe that the True Brits can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. And this time it is not a train coming to hit us.

Soon we will have MEPs. We will win a Parliamentary by-election. Then at the next General election, who knows. We may not take the country but our beachhead to government will be firmly established. The conservatives will probably win but they will soon reveal themselves to be just the Labour Party with a different name. A part of the New World Order.

Then the True British People will really wake up. They are now already rising, their jobs, your jobs have gone overseas, homes are being repossessed as the "elite" grab real wealth in the form of our homes and land. Then who will the people turn to for salvation? Who can they turn to? You know who. The British National Party. The future government and Saviour of Our Country.

Right, now let us go and tidy up the forum a bit and see what the news hounds have posted. See you there.

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Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Very happy this morning after watching a very humble Columbian boxer demonstrate how to deal with an overhyped Muslim political pawn, who received a slap on the wrist after knocking down a pedestrian after driving through a red traffic light. Our government made sure he always entered the ring in British coloured shorts and wrapped himself in a Union flag and passed him off as a good guy, uniting us all in multiculti. Last night he got what was coming and in my mood of euphoria I feel inclined to raid my meagre piggy bank and help the great Green Arrow to continue his work until we have knocked out Islam in our beloved country. Go to it GA, sock it to 'em.

Anonymous said...

Can you make that donation button/box bigger? Add a message telling folks that donations are needed regularly?

Forrest jihad? Isn't that just another part to the great contribution these people make to the world? Our prime minister seems to think they make wonderful contributions to our world. We should be on our knees in thanks and submission,like he is, isn't that what is expected of us GA?

No way!! No mat munching here mate!!

A few bob just went into your donation box GA. You do a great sevice to our country mate, long may you do so.


The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning Harry,

We will prevail. I guess I would rather be a donater then a receiver. It pains me to ask for assistance.

I have my fingers crossed that within a year that I will be in a position to give rather than take.

Thank you Harry.

Red Squirrel said...

Good Morning GA!
I will certainly make a donation to your excellent site+ forum! Pay day is on the 17th so expect it then.
I've had a sleep in this morning, so I'm still half awake, but just thought it would be a good idea to place a link on my site/s " Help the Resistance to grow even bigger and better by making a donation here" Which would act as a reminder and link to your site!
Your site is essential to our cause.
Just going to have another cuppa and wake up properly first!
All the best,

English Rose said...

Sorry I can't help I have enough with the videos I get sent and never get time to watch them all. I hope you find someone. BTW I have already made my coffee and I am sitting here contemplating whether to put the heating on as I have cold feet.
How was your summer btw, wasn't it crap, I swear this weather is governed by the way we are feeling.
Anyway have a nice day xx

The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning RS,

Your assistance is appreciated. Please do not put yourself short. We all know what it is like running a home. Your link is enough.

Look forward to meeting you and P one day.

Good Luck RS and keep up the good work.

The Green Arrow said...

English Rose. My personal heroine who knows what it is like to receive threats for speaking the truth.

You are an inspiration. You also like RS do enough already.

I normally love the rain but even for me it becomes tiresome and I wish to see the Sun. Maybe next year.

Go put some socks on. We do not want you to get cold:)


The Green Arrow said...

P. Acknowledged and understood. Thank you. If I can assist you in any way please let me know.

Anonymous said...

How to convert brainwashed LibLabCon voters to the BNP.

"THE MOST important thing a citizen warrior like you can do to help defeat Jihadis is to educate and persuade everyone in your circle of influence. Educating and persuading is sometimes delicate business, and the people you talk to may have pre-existing reasons to reject your point of view before you even finish your first sentence. Because of this, it helps if you think in terms of small tidbits of information. A little at a time. And over a long time.

Opinions are usually changed slowly. Over many months, a person can completely change their opinion about something. But an opinion is almost never changed in an argument....

More at

English Rose said...

awww thanks :D