Friday, 12 September 2008

The UAF solution for defeating the BNP

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The images shown, are taken from one of the UAF Forums and I think clearly shows how they think the BNP should be dealt with.

Again click for larger image. Charming people.

This incitement to violence is something you would never see on a democracy supporting site. Violence is the weapon of those whose ideas do not hold up to questioning or debate.

Posts similar and worse than the one above are common knowledge to the establishment. But are the owners of these sites ever prosecuted for incitement to violence? Of course not.

Do those MPs who have added their names to the UAF Supporters ever ask for them to be removed? Of course not. The red thugs are doing their work.

In case you were wondering about the meaning of thread shown in the image, you can read more about it and how the reds are ripping themselves apart whilst planning to rip the BNP apart, right here on this site.

In a free society, standards of public morality can be measured only by whether physical coercion -- violence against persons or property -- occurs. There is no right not to be offended by words, actions or symbols.

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The Green Arrow said...


I am thinking about publishing your post, however from where I am sat, you are not interested in debate but duplicating your diversions and disruptions of last year.

I am away for a few hours and think whilst traveling.

watling said...

If these Commie, Neanderthal, Stalin-loving, unwashed, traitorous, low-life, Islamophilic, cretinous zombies are so upset about the BNP why don't they form their own political party and oppose the BNP at the ballot box?

Oh, I forgot. They already have. It's called the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Why not roll a tank over them, as espoused by this blog earlier in the week?

Isn't 'democracy' wonderful...

Alex said...

Notice the avatar on the second pic that says "good night white pride"...

So now we're not even allowed to be proud of who we are, while everybody else is? Lol, dunno why but something tells me the owner of this avatar isn't indigenous to Britain. ^^

Anonymous said...

Those that follow communism who arent in the higher echelons of the "intellectual elite", (ie those getting something out of it- £££ and power over others), must have some form of mental illness. To actively support and be prepared to cause violence for an ideology that views only the top 1%as being worthy human beings and the other 99% as cattle, themselves included, are the signs of the gullible and easily duped. Yes I can understand those with a vested interest getting on the red bandwagon, such as the colonisers, or those who have been promised great things (ie power over others as in the Common Purpose mandate), but in reality do they really believe that their "Commisars" for want of a better description, have any respect for them. From what I have learnt of these hardline communists over the years is that the higher up the ladder of power you go the less regard there is for those below, perhaps the ideology appeals to the type of person who views themselves to be a little superior, and couple this with a bit of brainwashing that manipulates them into thinking that as they know better it gives them the moral superiority to act over those who they perceive to be beneath them. Just look at the dreadfull infighting within the Liebour party, which despite control of the media cannot be covered up, does this not show the dog eat dog mentality of those who would consider themseves the Socailsist elite? said...

I am pleased to the GA using Stalinist rather than Fascist or Nazi as a term of opprobrium.

This is a link to an article about Leon Degrelle - a hero without faults.