Sunday, 7 September 2008

Lee Jasper crawls out of the woodwork

by john of gwent

Time to send this man back to school for an "attitude adjustment" of his own, I say.

I should have known. Or at the very least I might have guessed. On friday night I popped in to guest-write an article revealing the attempt by an academic at warwick university to blame the lack of academic success by afcro-carribbean children on "institutional racism" when the truth as experienced by the woman in charge of arguably a very successful school with a large ethnic population was that bright, enthusiastic black kids who made the mistake of wanting to get on were bullied and subjected to knife attacks until they cowered in their homes afraid to attend the school and thereby better thmselves. You can read my Friday blog entry here

But who should pop up yesterday morning lauding the research and demanding we tip the playing fields over even further from the level playing field we once enjoyed than Red Ken's old mucker and author of sexually charged emails (that cost him his nice little earner) Lee Jasper.

Now you would be forgiven for expecting Me Jasper to go home and crawl under a rock until the hue and cry died down. Indeed, maybe he did, for I have heard little of him other than the fact that an 'internal enquiry' (by people he and ken hired, I suppose) cleared him of all allegations of improper conduct in the handing over of half a million quid of council tax payers money to hos pet project.

But now Jasper's back. In this article he claims the only way to combatb the "institutional racism" in our schools - the same "institutional racism" that Eddie Mair's PM programme showed was caused by the no-hoper kids themselves bullying and stabbing, or threating to slash, anyone "from their tribe" who dared to try to reach up and pull themselves out of the ghetto.

Read the article yourself or read the only important bits here

"Lee Jasper, who advised former London Mayor Ken Livingstone on equalities, said it was time the black community ran its own schools, with black teachers and black governors. He said black schools and colleges could prove to be a "beacon of excellence" for the black community. Mr Jasper said Jewish, Muslim and Hindu communities already had their own schools. And he accused the 'liberal community' of dismissing the idea of black schools, while failing to address 'institutional racism' within education."

The comments come after a study suggested that black Caribbean students are less likely to be entered for higher-tier science and maths exams because of low teacher expectations.

I KNEW there was a reason for that strange article on the PM programme on Friday night. And there you have it.

PS: I have just tried to leave a comment on the Express website pointing out Eddie Mair's interview with the school principal and the "thick-black on clever-black" knife crime that keeps black kids in her school from trying to better themselves, but i find "Have You Say is disabled for this story". What a surprise - NOT. Fortunately I have the means to pass the truth to a a wider, and more concerned audience, courtesy of the Green Arrow.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Black schools, black governors, black teachers. They already exist. Plenty to be found on the continent of Africa where they dont tend to do much to accomodate "whitey". Suggest Lee Jasper takes himself and his pupils over there asap. And then stay there. But this man will certainly not do so, he's on too much of a good thing in Britain, the land that bends over backwards to accomodate backward people from uncivilised lands.If blacks had their own schools it would allow white Brit kids to have a hastle free environment to learn in. They wanted to end apartheid, now they want to bring it back! Go for it I say. Incidentally, all-black colleges in the USA dont seem to be doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Yes black only schools which will no doubt sap all the funding from old whiteys propaganda and self hate schools. If this doesnt show the insipid liberals that its the coloureds that dont want to assimilate, then I dont know what will. And I too have noticed in this "democracy" of ours that any media story that might just get the truth sent to them via comments, wont allow them to be left. Of course we are allowed to post comment on really important world affairs such as "sprot" (mistake intended), but all of a sudden the media seems to have been ordered not to allow comments on anything too political. No wonder they fear the internet and try to control it.

xoggoth said...

Of course the chap is right. Look how rich and crime-free societies like South Africa, Jamaica, Somalia, Haiti, Congo etc are without all this racism.

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything against all black schools.

The current system is obviously not working for a lot of Black children.

English Rose said...

Well if there was black only schools at least they will be out of childrens hair, they can be terrible bullies and mould our children, that's why you get all that stupid no brained black talk that they think makes them look soooo hard.

I was bullied by a black girl at school, I dropped out because of it and she went on to be a barrister.

As for Lee Jasper, how he has the front to show his face after he was disgraced is beyond me. Like it just bounces off of him.

A final thought, does that mean that we will get White only schools !!!!
Being sarcastic of course.
I know we won't.

Take care :D

Anonymous said...

Hi anon of 7-9-08 at 22:18

I believe in meritocracy.

When I was called in to sort out a frigate's radar and missile systems I took two guys with me both black as the ace of spades whose parents were - quite literally - off the windrush.

Did any of the ships company bat an eyelid - no they did not. All they cared about was could we make their system work with the new "enhancements" that were fitted last week by some dork from the prime contractor who had clearly made a right hash of the job.

One of the reasons I lost all interest in religion was the attitudes and actions of the two "christian" bigots of the first order in running "their little corner" of the company that also employed me at the time. They ran it pretty much as Paul told the Corinthians to run their church in 1 Corinth 14 v34 onw. Which meant the four very intelligent women that worked for me, any one of which would have been more than capable of landing a large calibre tank round anywhere you cared to paint an 'X', were pushed to the background when I was moved to another department and they got one of these bigots as their new boss.

In my 35 years of paying tax to I think it is now seven or eight chancellors of the exchequer across four "colour changes" of government I have seen sloth and apathy in all skin tones and all variants of chromosome arrangements. And I have also seen - and enjoyed working with - intelligent, keen, hard working, enthusiastic individuals in the same range of skin tones and chromosome arrangements. And one or two who semed to have trouble making up theor own mind which way those chromosomes should point.

I'm more than willing to give anyone a fair crack of the whip, and I have done on many occasions, fighting the corner of people whose enthusiasm seriously outweighs the weight of their paper qualifications. I freely admit I do it because, many years ago, I was the bloke with little on paper and when one person cut me the same amount of slack, I did not disappoint them.

In the main, those to whom I extend the same opportunity rise to meet and defeat the challenge just as I did. Some do not. One or two, and GA might recall one in particular - mistake my "giving them a chance to prove themselves" for 'being a pushover who will cheerfully tolerate wastrels and sloths. They soon find themselves outside the building with a P45 in their hand.

Until recently I thought nothing on this earth could be more hateful and more detestable than Harriet Harman's recent announcement that "positive discrimination to adjust the ethnic mix of a workfoerce" was to be celebrated as a glorious achievement. When it is nothing more than a kick in the teeth for those aspiring to achieve through their efforts rather than their skin colour. Mr Jasper's breathtaking opportunism has shown me I was wrong, there IS something more detestable after all.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Jaspa back from the wastelands of political correctness. With those specs he's taken to wearing I could have sworn he was doing that building society ad..

"Extra extra, let me give you a little... give you a little extra, let me fund your organisation and all I ask for is a little sextra sextra............." ;-)

watling said...

Mr Jasper said: "The fact is, it's time the black community ran its own schools, devised a curriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching."

Great idea. Bring it on. While you're at it, Mr Jasper, why not arrange for black-only school buses to transport the kids to their black schools? If you want to implement apartheid, maybe you could get some ideas about it from certain elderly white men in South Africa? Indeed, why not go one step further and allocate black areas where whites are not welcome. Oh, I forgot. We already have those.

Notice the phrase: "... teachers that look like the young people they are teaching.". So race does matter. How odd. I thought we were all the same under the skin and therefore skin colour was irrelevant.

And what would "a curriculum that suited the needs of our children" consist of? Do black children need to learn different things to non-black children?