Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Purity of Race, Purity of religion

Purity of Race, Purity of Religion.

Many people will say they are not church going Christians, but hastily add they still abide by Christian principles. So if that holds true, then adhering to Christian values is just as important as being a church going Christian, but one does not have to be a church going Christian’ to abide by Christian principles.

Let us look at Islam. Moslems have to abide by the teachings of Islam according to the Koran, true Moslem fundamentalists will agree, there can be no earthly interpretation of the Koran.

Moslems, Sunni and Shi-ites are of the Moslem religion, so why are they trying to kill each other. Why is there a push in Indonesia for the return to true Moslem Fundamentalism? Are they too looking for ‘Purity of race and religion”?

The preacher from the Christian pulpit will tell his flock that God’s teachings tell us that all life is precious, but from the marbled halls of the Minarets and Mosques the Imams preach death to the infidel and to the unbelievers.

Now I ask a simple question. With that in mind, why does a government force its Christian peoples to live side by side, decade after decade, with a religion that is so profoundly totally opposed to ours? Islam has had a dreadful record of violence to peoples of differing religions and cultures; one just has to read of the violence and mayhem created around the world perpetrated by followers of this religious cult, and continues to do so as I write.

So again I ask the question, why does OUR government force its Christian people to live side by side with these violent people? Why? I will tell you why.

Day by day we are inexplicably bound more and more by our eventual dissolution and final incorporation into the dictatorship that is Europia. In a dictatorship there can be no room for religion, racial differences or old fashioned tribal loyalties, THE STATE IS THE RELIGION. In the future it will be a criminal offence to publicly criticize the EU state. I pointed out earlier we are already seeing the painful birthing pangs of Statism in the UK

“A government that turns its force against its own citizens, especially to impose an ideological doctrine on them (Forced Multiculturism) subordinates the rights of individuals to the demands of the State. This is Statism—the elevation of the State over the individual, and the inversion of the very purpose of government. Statism is the greatest killer in history—dwarfing all attacks by criminals—

We have long ceased to enjoy the tacit expectation of a police force to protect its own people. What we do see however is the emergence of a brutal State Police. They blindly follow the orders of Chief constables, who wait patiently for their Knighthoods, puppets of a treasonable Statist government, to help carry out the furtherance of its ideological doctrine; an Orwellian doctrine that is being forced upon it’s politically naïve and unsuspecting people.

Multiculturism and forced diversity is nothing more than a contrived mock moral shield they hide behind to threaten, intimidate and subdue any murmurings of discontent or resentment from their own people before leading them unwittingly but willingly into the full blown reality of a European dictatorship. Orwell? This man was indeed a prophet!

“To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone -- to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink -- greetings!”

George Orwell …….1984……………………………




Tomorrrow Belongs to Mo said...

To quote Cranmer:

"Liberties which are not rigorously defended are incrementally eradicated."


P.S. I find the text of this article hard to read on my monitor due to the grey background.

defender said...

Well boys and girls, whichever way you look at it we are royally fucked. We can spend our time talking about just how uncomfortable is is to have been shafted all we like, the fact is we have a bloody great dick shoved straight up our arses. As far as the elites are concerned its just the way they like it. So get rid of cyclopes, after 2010 it matters not a jot, Brown will get his praise from his masters and the boy dave will get his turn as the main shafter. We have been raped, mugged, assaulted, blackmailed and discarded. We are treated as shite. Every penny of tax you pay is rewarded by another half inch up yours.
There is nooooo political solution as ALL politicans are shafters or if not keeping their heads down so as not to get shafted themselves.
What to do, what to do. This winter is going to be a real decider, fighting will break out between marxist and fabianist with us the weakened owners of this land and culture going on about fairness and our credit rating we have worked so hard to maintain finding out we are now slaves to the elites. Will we fight, will we resist, will we show defiance, will we f#ck, we will be busy reporting on just how far down the road to hell we have got.
It is said that Brown is a bottler, I disagree, its us the people who are bottlers. We dont mind having a moan ,a winge or write a comment or two but anything more than that is just not cricket old boy. Dont want to rock the boat,cant be arsked, clashes with eastenders or any such pathic excuse will have to do.
There is no way that anyone of you reading this can say that we didnt see this coming. We have even paid for it with your cash and your childrens too.

We are all Winstons now.

Anonymous said...

Ah...back from my travels and you're still here GA, scaremongering, instilling fear, pedaling your racist rants....some things never change! Louise.

Anonymous said...

Those national parliaments which have ratified the Lisbon Treaty have been asleep. Many, if not most, members of these parliaments have admitted they have not even read the Lisbon Treaty, preferring to entrust its construction to professional lawyers.

However, the authors of the Treaty have undoubtedly studied the earlier treaties carefully, to ascertain that all that they desired was carried over in the new treaty, while everything we the people want, was omitted. Government officials, therefore, have quietly but deliberately, chosen to preserve the nasty crime, paedophilia, so that it is now in our culture. Why?

The explanation is simple: they want to placate the Arab muslims. The supposedly holy prophet was happy with little girls, and even his deputy, Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeinei wrote in his book Tahrirolvasyleh in 1990:

“A man can have sexual pleasure of a child as young as a baby. But he should not penetrate her vagina.” However, he declared the second form of child sex abuse is acceptable ….”

This sounds ridiculous to a sane person’s ears, but actually, Europe, with France in the lead, has worked hard for a cultural, political and economic alliance / entente (”Eurabia”) with the Arab countries, particularly since the oil crisis in 1973. Of course, this “cooperation” includes the acceptance of Muslim culture including child pornography and even abuse - on European soil.

How can our politicians and our most senior lawyers have allowed this disgusting practice become a part of our way of life?

Can they REALLY have DELIBERATELY made paedophilia legal?





tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Hi Louise,
Sorry to hear you don't like the content of this website. Maybe this is more to your taste:

"During a 16-minute rant, Ali pointed his finger and mopped his brow as he made his point.

He accused his targets of caring more about fox hunting than Muslims and added: "I don't consider anybody innocent who supports the slaughter of my people. What have you done to stop this oppression?

"You have shown more concern for animals than for the Muslim ummah [world]. When foxes are being killed you hold massive demonstrations.

"Any sensible person knows we are not targeting innocent people. We have made it absolutely clear to stay away from military, economic and government targets. If you do this you will be safe."

Referring to Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, Ali told his audience: "Sheikh Osama warned you many times to leave our lands or you will be destroyed and now the time has come for you to be destroyed and you have nothing to expect than floods of martyr operations, volcanoes of anger and revenge erupting among your capital."

He went on: "Expect floods of martyr operations against you and we will take our revenge and anger, ripping amongst your people and scattering the people and your body parts and your people's body parts responsible for these wars and oppression decorating the streets."

Ali accused western leaders of paedophilia, pornography and fornication and said he was "fed up with living in a kuffar [heathen] land".

"I'm no one's slave, I'm a free man," he added. "Those that know me know that I was over the moon that Allah has given me this opportunity to lead this blessed operation."

He said he had wanted to seek martyrdom since the age of 15 or 16 and said his aim was the "big rewards that Allah has promised those who step on his path and inshaallah [god willing] become martyr and the best of amongst those to me is the guarantee of jannah [paradise] for myself and my family and those that are close to me.

"On top of this is to punish and to humiliate the kuffar [non-believers], to teach them a lesson that they will never forget."


tomorrow belongs to mo said...

BTW note well the paragraph:

"He said he had wanted to seek martyrdom since the age of 15 or 16 and said his aim was the "big rewards that Allah has promised those who step on his path and inshaallah [god willing] become martyr and the best of amongst those to me is the guarantee of jannah [paradise] for myself and my family and those that are close to me. "

Muslims believe that a 'martyr' (which in Islam is someone who dies in the process of killing kuffars) can take 70 of his relatives to Allah's brothel in the sky when the die - "he can vouch for 70 of his family members to enter paradise" see http://www.memri.org/bin/articles.cgi?Page=countries&Area=palestinian&ID=IA6101

This Islamic belief is little known in the West and never publicised by the MSM. It explains why Muslim families are so keen for their sons to self-destruct in the presence of the kuffar.

If we were serious about stopping Islamic terrorism we would round up the entire extended family of the martyr and intern/deport them as accessories to murder.

tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Parasite cleanse? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7606420.stm

Anonymous said...

Please please dont go down the "Louise" road again...you will lose so many of the real people who visit here, exactly the idea of those behind "Louise". Please dont enter into any debate, please dont even acknowledge their existence.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 17:27

Thank you for your excellent advice.

I do not intend do but thought I would publish her comment to show that he/she is still around and still stirring.

You will see no more of "Louise" or any of the other names they choose to use. You have my word.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any info on the clashes between bikers and immigrants in Denmark recently?

BFB said...

Good on ya, GA:


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen and heard this little slip of the tongue? Interesting times ahead guys!



Anonymous said...

anon 1751

tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Another domino falls.

Ethiopia, one of the oldest Christian countries in the world, will soon be majority Muslim http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/022615.php

tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Sudden Jihad Syndrome

SJS attack by man invoking Allah recorded on CCTV