Friday, 5 September 2008

"Institutional Racism" theory for black youth educational failure utterly discredited by courageous headmistress.

I have just listened to one of the most amazing, courageous, uplifting, indeed heartwarming pieces of radio broadcasting I have ever heard.

Even GA's sick-bucket-filling recent post of Not Flash, Just Gordon going on bended knee to appease "the enrichers of our society" during their month in which non-islamic councillors will be starved to show them what it will be like in their caliphate which they see as their destiny failed to dissolve the elation I felt after hearing this woman's words.

"What on earth am I on about" and "what have I been smoking (and can I have some)" are your probable thoughts at this point.

All the way home from work Eddie Mair's PM programme ran trailer after trailer for an upcoming piece "proving institutional racism" was to blame for black carribean children's failure to blossom in our multi-cultural educational system. Trailer after trailer, but no sign of the actual interview. Eventually, after a piece I endured where Eddie chatted about PM listener's eating habits with Anthony Worrall Thompson as they discussed camera-phone pictures of listener's dinners emailed to the programme (!!) - have these people no lives to lead, I wonder - the long promised interview was put on air.

I thought I was about to be profoundly depressed. On came some trendy lefty arse kisser of the Rod Liddle School of Media Indoctrination who proceeded to roll out a description of his latest 'study' which showed that kids of black carribbean origin were leaving school with profoundly worse exam results than any other groups. This guy proceeded to go into nauseating detail about how he had taken all sorts of factors into account, factors which clearly explained why polish and pakistani children were doing less well, which explained why children of recent immigrants and refugees were doing less well, and so it went on, the failings of one sorry minority group after another "explained away" by this arse kisser's latest piece of research. But, he said, he had utterly failed to find any reason for why black carribbean children failed to take advantage of all the devices and jacking-up of playing fields imposed by people likle him to ensure our own kids suffer to their advantage.

And so, he said, I am left with the only conclusion possible. That the problem occurs as the children sit their public examinations at the end of their schooling. For it is then that teachers take it upon themselves to select who will sit the papers with the challenging questions on the syllabus they have been taught, the papers giving the A* marks, the papers giving the best A level chances, the best university places and the best and most financially lucrative careers, and who will be given the "easier options" leading to a job where the company motto is "do you want fries with that?".

And so, this lefty piece of dog mess went on to say, he was forced to conclude that our teachers are unwitting instigants of "institutional racism" in which they "instinctively" downgrade the ability of black carribbean youths, denying them the chance to sit the more challenging examination syllabus, becuase of some misplaced feeling that they will not be up to the task. he was, he said "at pains" to say they were almost certainly NOT doing this deliberately, and merely needed to have their 'attitude adjusted' to ensure this practice was stamped out. How very new Labour of him.

And then, just as I was about to throw the radio across the room and reach for the bottle, pull the cork, take a big glug, climb in and pull the cork shut behine me, Eddie Mair restored my faith in the professionalism and dedication of our teachers in the face of these unfounded, piss-poorly researched, politically motivated "research projects" of which Pravda would be proud.

Because Eddie handed the mike to a woman of extraordinaty courage and even more extraordinary reserve. With the words "let's hear from a headmistress of a north london school with a large majority of black carriobbean pupils" Eddie set the stage for this "Mickey Mouse with a Mickey Mouse Degree" to be fed his own dog turds until he choked on them.

Whereas I would have strangled the git on air there and then, this woman gave us all an object lesson in how to deliver the truth. She began by telling us of the makeup of her school clases and the way their progress was monitored. And then she got down to the business of castrating the lefty divot, on air. Without anaesthetic.

She began to tell a story of one of her pupils. A black carribean child, who recently came to her school, and began to show signs of promising academic ability. Nurtured by her school's staff and environment, she said, this child began to show improvement, enthusiasm and obvious achievement.

"Oh great", I thought. "Another bleeding heart why don't we dedicate resources to teaching them in an environment they can blossom in" story. I could not have been more wrong. I am ashamed to admit I jumped to conclusions and underestimated a most remarkable woman.

For having set the scene in this way she went on to say that as this child improved, as his educational achievements blossomed and his ability began to show, his fellow black carribean children in the school, and in the area in which he lived, set upon him for his crime of being more gifted than they were. At first, he faced down the bullying, and his parents stood up to the knife attacks. But when gangs of black carribean kids lay in wait, armed with knives, intent on attacking him for having the audacity to be clever, bright, academically gifted, and worst of all having the spark of drive to get off his knees and better himself, when he showed that desire, his ethnic fellows set upon him with knives in the street until he was too afraid to come to school and fell back down the achievement table.

So why, pray, did this mickey mouse lefty with a mickey mouse theory on why institutional racism was to blame for underachieving kids not research the truth by talking to the teachers ? Why indeed.

I rather suspect the Department For Education will be announcing staff changes at that London School in the near future. For it cannot do for Gordy's minions to have their plans to tilt the level playing field agains the white man, and the white child, interrupted by the uncomfortable truth that black-carribean-on-black-carribean knife crime is the true reason for black carribean kids failing to achieve academic success, can it ??

I found GA's post with Gordy's "Moslem Well Wishes" message so profoundly depressing that an immediate antidote was a necessary prescription, to be taken immediately with or without food.

And here is that prescription. An MP3 Audio track of the item

Oh yeah, by the way. The link to hiz-butt-aria's declaration that "the caliphate is the only way to go" will take you to the Google Cache of the hizz-butt-aria site's lead article from the 2nd September 2008. The article is still there, but I saw no reason to inflate their ego by linking to their website and thus upping their reputation and sense of self-importance. "Unto them shall NOT be given the glory of the incrased hit rate."


odin said...

Nice one JOG. cheared me up after that W**kers speach!

Anonymous said...

The LibLabCon sociologists and Common Purpose graduates will never let the facts stand in the way of a good theory.

The whole process of destruction of our nation since the sacking of Enoch Powell forty years ago, has been based on the application of Marxist theory in the face of contrary facts, experience, judgement, historical analysis and common-sense, and with no regard to any practical consequences.

That's why Britain is now infested with hostile tribes of feral gangstas and jihadis.

Cameron is just as much a Marxist as Gordon Brown (pbuh), and is so divorced from reality he wants to allow 70 million Muslim Turks to rampage through western Europe and settle in Britain.

The Green Arrow said...

Nice one JOG.

The brave lady in question is correct but she was only speaking what many of us already knew.

Children do not like other children who they perceive to be brighter than themselves. So they attempt to level the bright person down. All very Lord of the Flys

Bit like the Labour Party really.

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow:

Were you aware of This -

This is vile!!