Saturday, 13 September 2008

BNP might have to buy HMS Victory

HMS Victory belongs to the people

I am not joking. Those traitors in the Ministry of Defence are considering handing the Royal Navy's flagship, HMS Victory over to a private company where it would be used for corporate events.

Now as an ex matelot myself, I can tell you this. HMS Victory is the heart of the Royal Navy. I would rather see it become a burnt out floating hulk like the French fleet, it helped destroy at the Battle Of Trafalgar in 1805, then watch it become a Dysney style theme park.

It costs a measly million a year to keep this unique part of our history and culture looking good and open to the public of what was once the greatest sea faring nation the world has ever seen and that is the excuse the destroyers of Our Country wish to use to get rid of this reminder of Our Past.
The MoD argues that increasing budgetary pressures mean it must review Victory's future like any other ship.
Now you would think that the Labour Portsmouth North MP, Sarah McCarthy-Fry would be rushing to safeguard probably the most famous site in Portsmouth. But no. The creature had this to say;
‘In today's climate when our troops are on prolonged operations I think it is right to question whether we should be using funding on what is essentially heritage.
Words to describe this woman fail me. But looking at her record in Parliament I can see why she worries so much about money. She sucks our taxes up like a mosquito sucks up blood.
  • Voted against a transparent Parliament.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.
  • Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
  • Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.
  • Voted for equal gay rights.
So it looks as though the BNP might have to have a national campaign to raise enough money to buy this piece of history until a future British National Party government can hand it back to its rightful keepers. The Royal Navy. The finest Navy in the World.


Anonymous said...

The Labour troll says it all, heritage has no place in a post democratic EU "region", might just make the proles realise what they had and what had been sacrificed for them by previous generations. Mind you begs the question what on earth are our kids fighting for out in those hell holes?. And as for no funding, just where is all the money being collected by this stealth tax government going?-the sums paid in by us cash cows must be beyond the average persons comprehension, this country should be awash with money for both public services and the armed forces, and yet there is this constant whine that finances are overstretched. Some of those at the top of the food chain must be milking away billions, as we have never been so taxed, where else can the money be going?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the marxist bitch voted to ring fence her pension, to increase MPs salaries by 25% & increase MPs ACAs "whilst our troops are on prolonged operations"

Brit-hating marxist filth like McCarthy-Fry are a far greater threat to our nation than Iraq and Afghanistan, pity our troops aren't able to protect Britain from these parasites.

I long for the day the BNP delivers these traitors the justice they deserve. Never will rope have looked so good.


Anonymous said...

The people that are destroying our country probably only number a few hundred. We should bring our troops home and copy the American "pack of cards" theme of most wanted.
The 4 aces could be
Brown, Miliband, Harman, Julia Middleton (common purpose)
Kings perhaps
Blair + Cherie, Balls+ Cooper
Chris Bryant etc etc....
we would need more than one pack as we'd need to include perhaps 50% of NuLab MPs, 25% BluLab MPs, most probably 80% of LibDems and 100% of Respect MPs, plus an ex-mayor.
A couple of newpaper editors,not forgetting Polly Toynbee,several BBC staff,and a handfull of Chief Constables,judges, and lawyers and a few council officials.
As I'm not a bloodthirsty savage, I wouldn't execute them ( I could be persuaded, I suppose)I would microchip them all so they couldn't possibly return, and cast them into the sea a couple of hundred yard off the coast of N. Korea.
Seriously, it's only a few hundred scum that are wrecking our country

Fyrdist said...

It seems the MoD are never short of a few bob when it comes to Common Purpose courses:

Here is the email address for the traitorous philistine:

Malcontent_Patriot said...

I advise every seaman reading this article to excersise his/her right and submit a Representation in protest at this outrage.

This CANNOT be allowed to happen. How much more of this treason are we willing to take before we act and DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST IT?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. I should have thought that a petition of protest would be already up and running. The BNP should immediately launch a fund to raise the money to save this historic ship. It represents all that was good about our country, it is a living monument to the many men and women, better men and women than we breed today, who gave their all for this country of ours. I travelled a long way, many years ago to take my sons to see this ship, encouraged them to read about Nelson and his Band of Brothers and I hope and believe they have done the same for their families.A country that does not rever its past can have no decent future.Victory is not only a symbol of the calibre of our heroes who fought for our country over the years. If this idea of Labour is ever allowed to happen it will also be a symptom of how low we have allowed our country to descend through the actions of spineless, worthless politicians. How I wish we had as Prime Minister, a man like Vladimir Putin who places his countries interests above all others.Instead we have Brown and, standing in the wings , ready to take over. Milliband and after those two,David Cameron! Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth standing for such an outrage? I mean the first Queen Elizabeth, not the pathetic Corgi and Horse lover who presently stands by, silent and ineffective, while her country disintergrates around her.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE sign the petition:

Anonymous said...

You swine GA you beat me to it. I have been busy and was itching to pen something of this very nature, and now I'm reduced to one voice in the comments. Damn. Never mind. Clean out the cannon on those gundecks and prepare to fire the following broadside.

First up "malcontent_patriot" you can add a few tens of thousands of "civilian" workers to that list. Men and women whose job it was, and is, to ensure that when those taking our current sovereign's "shilling" have to perform the modern day equivalent of lighting the cannon's fuse, a suitable VERY special delivery of a particular type of message from her Majesty's finest is made with the utmost of timing and accuracy. I was one of those civilians and I'm proud to say when the equipment created by my craftsmanship and handiwork was called upon to absolutely do what I had written on the tin, IT DID NOT FAIL. Few politicians can say they have made an equivalent contribution to the capability of our armed forces.

Second up, dig into your pockets (it all goes to the welfare of serving and past seamen) and take the tour of this priceless piece of British Heritage and you will discover three very remarkable things.

HMS Victory is still "in service". Now while the likes of "Red Ken" and "Mad Donkey Jacket Man Foot" actively plotted to reduce our military to the point where all we had left to fight the Russian Bear would have been Victory's cannon, her function these days is a mixture of the administrative and the ceremonial. The rooms where Nelson discussed a coming battle with his officers resound these days to the chink of glass and the sound of cutlery upin china, but the occupants dining therein still do so in hushed tones in respect of what their current accomodation represents. And do not forget that the finery in these rooms was, always, before a battle, stripped and removed to the famously neutral 'prize boats', lifeboats towed behind the ship, boats which combatants on all sides accepted it was a war crime to fire upon, or engage in hostile action from. As a result any sailor thrown into the sea in combat knew his last hope of avoiding a watery grave was to reach those boats by whatever means they could.

Of course the Victory also serves as a naval shrine. The deck upon which Nelson, a man who would be both ashamed of and vitriolic towards today's "politically correct" brigade lay dying has been cut and removed below decks. It is a shrine not only to a man who gave his life for his country but a man who believed the Navy was a meritocracy where those who successfully siezed the moment to demonstrate the winning mix of leadership, ability, cunning, and bare faced audacity in the face of the enemy should be given command and the honour and respect it deserved.

And finally the ship serves as a reminder to the technical advances that helped make our navy the finest in the world. Take that tour I mentioned above. LISTEN CAREFULKY to the guide, a serving officer, who will explain how the ship's cannon worked. How the engineers and scientists of the day proudly provided equipment that fired our cannon faster and more accurately and how they did so while providing a "below deck" environment a thousand times safer at time of combat than the conditions 'enjoyed' by our opponents. Yes I will draw your attention to that "minor detail" because for over a decade I walked in the footsteps of those civilian engineers and scientists and what they did for Nelson's Navy against his enemies of that time became my inspiration and guidance for what I did for 'our boys and girls' in my time. And I hang my head to no-one in accounting for it.

Years of neglect of our forces under the excuse of the need for economies, and current military belligerence waged by two prime ministers who have competed to see how far they can get their head up the arse of the yank's president have added to this deliberate erosion of both capability and morale.

And now it seems their evilldesires are to come to fruition.

Twenty five years ago, Basil de Ferranti, then the last surviving family member having any control over the firm that bore his family name, realised HMS Victory was the only ship of the line not to be equipped with a computer bearing the family name.

In a move we all thought was little more than a publicity stunt he organised the very public handover to the ship of one of our newfangled "Advance 86" "IBM PC" clones and at the dinner that followed (which is how I know about the cutlery and the chink of glass) Basil declared how proud he was to finally have one of our computers aboard EVERY commissioned warship of the Royal Navy.

Basil, I hope you don't mind, but I'm off to see if that machine is still on board and whether it is fitted with an auto destruct mechanism. Because, so help me god if I have to swing from a yardarm for it, I'd sooner see Nelson's shrine in matchwood in the solent than in the hands of Ronald "I'm Lovin It" Macdonand.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the Marxist cow stopped her party from sending Billions of tax payers money to Paki/bloody/stan so that they can pay for new jihadist's to come and attack us.

We would be able to pay for proper equipment for our forces, and keep HMS Victory as a impoertant part of British History.

But hell folks Labour or should I say the "Raving Looney Communist Party" want to destroy Britain and all its crew.
These red scum need washed overboard like the rats they are.

A good campaign should follow where the BNP or Steadfast campaign to save the Ship from being a rich boys toy ship.


Fidothedog said...

Just spotted this one on yr site, an done a piece on HMS and this dire bloody woman.

Lets hope she gets kicked out next time the voters get to vote.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

British: Right to exist. Right to persist.

This is the obligation of every generation to fight for. HMS Victory reminds us of it. It seems the powers that be think our existence is divisive.

Anonymous said...

What is it about these Labour women?, were they all tapped with the ugly stick or something?...they all have a certain manliness about them, and look as if they are all share the same genealogy..are they robots?

Anonymous said...

Hia Green Arrow

Always admired your blog but this sale of H.M.S. Victory goes straight to my heart.

How can any British government or subject imagine selling her to the highest bidder

Only a traitor could even discuss this abhorrent sale

If the B.N.P. ever has to defend her in this perhaps her greatest finale battle against the Westminster Traitors, then my hay fork plus a months pension will be on offer for any ammunition that is needed