Monday, 8 September 2008


A pensioner in Birmingham is the victim of a racist attack by a gang of Asians.

The media never report these crimes as being racist when the victim is white but always report the crimes as racist when the victim is non white.

The victim shown in the above attack asks why? Why indeed? Coming from an older generation which valued and respected both age, people and property, he cannot understand why.

But I know why. You know why and sadly more and more of Our Countrymen are learning the reason why the hard way.

Whether it is a daughter lured into prostitution, a daughter raped, a young white boy tortured and murdered. Their families know why.

It is because that is what the enrichers do and they do it well. Violence, intimidation and instilling fear into the white community so that they leave "their" areas. Their land as they now see it. That is why.

There is a conservative government on the horizon. People will vote for them not because they support them but because they hate labour more. They will have learned the truth about Labour the hard way. Jobs lost. Homes repossessed. Patience lost whilst standing in NHS queues and watching the enrichers go to the front to save "interpreter" fees. So they will vote conservative and by doing so they will be voting for more of the same.

Eventually they will see the truth. Labour and conservative, two sides of the same coin of treason and betrayal. Then it will be the turn of the BNP....and I for one do not envy the job of the future British National Party politicians at any level.

And do you know what makes me sick. Many die hard conservative and labour voters and politicians(those remaining) will be secretly pleased to see a BNP government, because they know that the BNP says what it means and will do what it says and they will know that the BNP will do the dirty work they did not have the courage to do themselves. Then they will again try to win back the hearts of the people they have betrayed. Over my dead body.


The Green Arrow said...

Anon: 10:05

And Fcuk you to.

Thank you for the IP address.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Asian? That means Muslim nore than likely. Probably frustrated at the sight of their icon, the hit and run driver, Amir Khan, being battered to the floor by a Columbian on saturday in the ring at Manchester. But have no fear, the followers of the religion of peace, in their holy month of ram and dam will be flocking to give information to the police so that this cowardly thug will be soon brought to justice. They will have seen Brown's message and been inspired by it and will be eager to see this thug in prison. As we all know. This man, lying battered in his bed, is a symbol of all that Britain used to be. Law abiding, decent, hard working, caring. And in his life time he has seen his city, and the whole of the west midlands transformed from an industrial, hard working, hard playing heartland of Britain into a refuge for the deadbeats and dropouts and criminal classes of the world.During our depression times the area took many people from Wales, seeking work and a better life and they settled into and became part of the community and there is an empathy to this day between Wales and the midlands. Personally, I have many friends there and know the people ,as a whole, to be of a type that gave this country so much of its character. It must be devastating for this old fella to lie there, beaten and bruised, at his time of life, knowing that his country is being taken from him by alien scum who he himself has probably tolerated for years even though he could see what was going on. Bitterness is not enough. Britian must turn against these people with a vengeance, with a determination which used to come to us naturally. We need our old spirit. Forget about tolerance. Look where that has led us. Retribution and reclamation. That is what is needed now. Sorry Ii forgot to space it out GA, I'm too bloody mad to bother.

Anonymous said...


Letter To The White Race

Found via the South Africa Sucks blog who know all too well the route we are going down.


odin said...

[quote]And Fcuk you to.

Thank you for the IP address.[/quote]

I see the comedians are back. ;)

English Rose said...

This is disgusting :(
POor old lady, it's always the innocent that suffers

Anonymous said...

Correct English Rose, it is the innocent that suffer. It is planned that way.

The more innocents that suffer the more the public cry out for "something to be done about it"
"What are "they" ( police, the authorities, government etc ) going to do about it?"

Problem, reaction, solution. The simple way to get joe public to demand the very thing "they" wanted all along.
More control, less rights, less freedom to go about your lawful life/business.

Back in '96 David Icke told the world all this stuff was happening. He described how and why Kosovo would pan out. Plus other things which are the norm today.
"They" branded him a nutter, mad. I belived "them" too.
Now I dont trust or believe "them" at all.

Go watch this from '96, over 2 hours but worth watching to hear just who the real nutters are. Us for being blinkered.
Here's, the link.


English Rose said...

thanks harry, I will do that :)