Sunday 24 May 2009

Why they must silence the BNP

If the enemies of freedom, think that by managing to deprive the True British People of the truth for a few hours by denying them access to the home of the resistance, the website of the British National Party, they will stop us getting our message out, they are badly mistaken. Nothing now can stop the BNP, because the people are the BNP and the BNP are the people. We are one or soon will be.

And The Establishment know that if they do not succeed in silencing us, then they will face REAL justice and they know that the public outraged at MPs expense scandals will not be happy with sackings, resignations, fines and apologies WILL demand heavy sentences once they discover how deep their betrayal is.

And those that really pull the strings of the puppets in parliament know that unlike the likes of Blair, Brown and Cameron, the British National Party cannot be bought off with titles and wealth and that make them tremble like vampires at the sight of the rising sun.

The British People are not yet fully awake but their eyes are starting to open. Over twenty thousand enquirys a week are landing on the desks of the hard working activists at BNP HQ. And the information packs they receive are their first faltering steps on the journey to complete understanding of what has been done to our country and what has been stolen from them and their children.

Nothing will stop us because we are the people and we are going to take Our Country back.


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