Thursday 3 September 2009

70 Years ago today we declared war on Germany

Seventy years ago today on the Sunday morning of the 3rd of September 1939 Our Country, rightly or wrongly declared War on Germany and bankrupted itself and impoverished its people for decades.

What was it all for? Just what did the sacrifices of our fathers and grand fathers generation achieve for this Country and its people? Nothing. Nothing. Where is the land fit for heroes? Where is this Nevernever Land? Where is this Camelot that could have been built?

We cynically helped destroy one Dictator and assisted another, even worse Dictator to gain control over half of Europe and allowed the curse of communism to take root everywhere and we are still paying for the 2nd World War today and we will be paying tomorrow and for ever until communism is destroyed.

Our American allies did not come voluntarily to the war. They were dragged into it. And we paid the price for dragging them into it with the surrender to them of overseas naval bases and a massive war loan debt that was only repaid either last year or the year before. Seventy years just to pay off a debt of aid that should have been given freely.

And the Country we went to war over? Poland. Did the deaths and disablement and sacrifices of our people win them back their freedom? You know the answer. It was NO.

There is no point in writing about the infamous Yalta agreement in which the world was carved up. You can and should go learn for yourself.

Go read how our war time government, had murdered the leader of the Polish government in exile so they could cut a deal with Stalin. Ask questions. Ask why Rudolph Hess was imprisoned in Spandau Prison in solitary confinement and forbidden to speak to anyone? What were The Establishment frightened of him saying should he ever have been freed.

And the horrors of the war perpetrated by both sides, for we were not innocent when it came to mass murder - did the ends truly justify the means? Only a madman would think so.

And the persecuted Jews who seem to think they were the only ones affected by the war did they truly appreciate the sacrifices made by Our People? No. All I read these days, is that we did not do enough to save them. Save them? What about the millions more of other people who were murdered by communism? Did we do anything to help save them? We were barely able to save ourselves.

You and I, the "ordinary" people of this land will never know the truth about the origins of the 2nd World War, although some brighter than others and the determination to dig for the truth will be able to work out the real reasons. But the truth will never come out or be allowed to come out, because as we all know. He who controls the present also controls the past and the future.

Now again Our Country is at War - and we are at war but only a small minority know it. The rest of Our People are slowly and quietly marching towards their end as surely as many Jews quietly and silently boarded the trains to the extermination camps. But the end is the same - genocide of a people.

And only a fool would think that this is a war we can win without blood being spilt again. Blood is already being spilt. It is spilt when the enrichers rape our young girls. It is spilt when the prowling gangs of "youths" enforce white flight out of our cities by attacking our people.

I would like to finish by saying that the British National Party are the Silver Bullet that will destroy Our Enemies who seek not just to control us but also wipe us from the face of the earth but they are not.

They cannot do it as a political party. The Establishment will not let them. These people and their families have ruled over us for their own benefit for centuries but at least now they are out in the open as enemy we can see. The New World Order.

The New World Order are now out in the open, so confident are they of their final victory but the game is not over yet. A government should live in fear of its people not the people live in fear of their government as we live now.

The British National Party must now become more, much more than a political party. It must become a revolutionary movement for justice and freedom for the British People.

It must not just fight elections. It must embed itself into the local communities that their members live in. It must work tirelessly on local issues that affect the lives of ordinary people.

The BNP must be the people and the people must be the BNP. Only when that is true will we be able to take control of Our Country for the first time in its history.

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