Saturday 5 September 2009

The Game here as almost ended

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You know I love Poker - it is ALL I want to do when this war is over. Sit and play poker and drink warm beer and maybe drop into the chat rooms to see what mischief you guys are getting up to. Like you, all I want is my life back and a guaranteed better life for Our Children and Their Children. Not much to ask for is it?

But the game for the Home of the Green Arrow blog is almost over, the new site is almost completed and ready to go live and so I might not get another chance to write this article - so I shall do it now and count my chips.

The Green Arrow blog was started in January 2007 - if you get a chance, I suggest you visit that year and see what I was writing about then. No surprises - it will be moslems, political corruption, the New World Order. Enemies then and enemies now.

We had no MEPs, no London Assembly Member and very few councillors. All that has changed and I am glad to be alive and play my small part during this most historic time in Our Country's history, because this time, the good guys get to win.

So how has this little blog done? Well not great but not bad either. The chart show ups and down - a bit like life really - but the trend was always upwards. A bit like the growth of the BNP also - ups and downs, victories and defeats but always advancing.

Only a fellow blogger will understand about the laughter and sometimes tears, the elation and depression that running a blog brings. Oh and the pure joy when imagining the despair of the communists, knowing they are losing the war for the hearts and minds of Our People. Every death threat, every sneer and smear from them makes it all worthwhile.

Green Arrow
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And in the ratings war, this little blog was punching way above its weight. I have no doubts that were it to keep going, it would have broken through the magic barrier of 100,000. I remember looking at the sites rating of something like 11,000,000 when I started and thinking - "Well lets see what we can do about that".

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And two years ago when the red shite sites were sneering at the pathetic little Welsh Blogger, with his pathetic little site, I said then; "We shall see". And we have seen, because this pathetic blog has whipped the crap out of the communist sites, despite all their money and all their resources.

The truth and the determination of a British Patriot cannot be stopped - it can be checked but only for a short while. Because we are driven by love of our kind and our culture and not money.

I could tell you more about what the stats mean. The avg time on site being one. This figure show that even their pathetic ratings are rigged. The ratings on this site are genuine. If I were to rig them and I know how, I would only be lying to myself and I will never do that.

So where is this article going now? An easy answer. Where this blog has always gone and where it will always go. Not to Rome but to the BNP Main Website that is run to such good effect by Simon Bennett.

Because the sole purpose of this site and the Green Arrow sites is to point the way to its readers, especially new readers to the real truth that can be discovered at the BNP .

So powerful is the internet in getting the truth out to the people that even the reds have to acknowledge the success of the BNPs internet presence.
When Simon Bennett checks his web-logs this month he’ll likely chalk up another month as webmaster of the most successful political party website in Britain.

But it is the arrival of the internet that gives the BNP the opportunity to overcome many of its natural barriers to growth just at the time when political circumstances favour its brand of extremism.
The argument goes that the BNP rarely make into the headlines on their own steam so if you don’t respond to provocation, deprived of the oxygen of publicity they will wither away.

This certainly worked when a few papers and broadcasters held a monopoly on the national and local news media. And many, including those in communities fighting extremism, remain committed to this approach.

But I wonder if the internet has changed all that. The danger is that by not contesting the ground we are giving BNP a walk-over on the critical playing fields of the internet.
And that is why I push for people to open up blog sites, to open up facebook accounts, to open youtube accounts and to build networks of contacts on the internet to support each other and to pass information.

Publish the truth about local events. Publish articles about the successes of the British National Party Councillors. Spread the word about the charitable work its members do and always, always, always point your readers to the BNP Website, where they can join up and help us in our struggle to recover Our Country for Our Children.