Thursday 3 September 2009


Where has my life gone? Is it really two years since I first wrote about The UK National Defence Association(UKNDA) in this article here, that you should read before continuing.

have a noble cause and one that the British National Party fully supports from my understanding of the BNP Defence Policy but there is one thing that has been added to the UKNDA site that makes me wonder if they have had a change of policy on political parties.
The UKNDA is not affiliated or in any way connected to any political party. However the UKNDA will monitor and report on the views of political parties when and wherever they deal with matters related to Defence and the Armed Forces.
If you have any questions about UKNDA policy, please contact Andy Smith, UKNDA PRO, on 07737 271676, email
For Parliamentary liaison, please contact Andy Smith on the above number, or Mark Hayball, Special Adviser to the PRO, on 07947 359108, email
However reading further down the page from which the above was taken, I see that they have now provided a policy paper provided by the UK Independence Party(UKIP).

Now given that UKNDA say they are non-political, it would be interesting to see if they would be as willing to publish a British National Party policy paper also.

Well I have provided the emails to ask them, but meanwhile I have to put this behind me and move on to the next task. Sure hope someone picks it up and runs with it.

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