Tuesday 8 September 2009

British in name only

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

Were I to take a trip to Mexico and buy a Saguaro Cactus, which I then brought back to Britain and planted in my own garden, the cactus would not suddenly metamorphose into a British plant merely on account of its change of location, neither would it become so, were I to take a cutting and re-plant it in a different part of Britain. Indeed, were I to spread the seed of my imported cactus across the country from Bolton to Brighton via Blaenau Festiniog it would remain a Mexican cactus which I had imported to Britain.

Likewise, I would be roundly mocked were I to claim the sea hibiscus to be a British plant merely because I had successfully cultivated a couple of generations of it in a green house in Tring. I would face more than mere mockery in the case of certain other plants, such as the invasive Japanese knotweed, the Virginia Creeper or the South American water hyacinth (one of the fastest growing of plants currently choking rivers and waterways across the countries it has invaded) more likely I would be accused of environmental terrorism were I to bring it here, no matter how much it might thrive at the expense of the local population.

An elephant is not a British species, even if it is the third generation calf of a mother born in a travelling circus and now living in Regents Park Zoo. Tiger breeding programmes at Longleat do not claim to be producing “British Tigers”, neither are the giraffes and zebras which contentedly live out their days in the same “Safari Park” ever anything other than African animals.

Outside Zoos and Safari parks a number of foreign animal species run wild in the British countryside, mostly introduced unnaturally through the stupidity of man, and most cause havoc and devastation to the natural environment and indigenous fauna, such as in the case of the vicious and carnivorous mink, freed from fur farms by so called “animal lovers” in the 1980's, and which have spent the last twenty years eating the natural wildlife, such as the water vole, almost to the point of extinction. No environmentalist refers to the mink as a British species, neither do they the north African love birds, accidentally released into Britain during the late 20th Century and now plaguing fruit growers across the country, the poisonous North American bullfrog, or the foreign crayfish which have so far killed over a fifth of the native varieties.

The reverse can apply, after many centuries, the rabbit, descendants of the European wild rabbit introduced to Britain by the Romans, but not recorded in the wild until the 12th Century, is now widely viewed as a native animal, but it remains a serious pest, although not to the extent it became when introduced to the truly alien environment of Australia.

A, thankfully dead, piranha was recently found in a Devon river and, if global warming is real and continues, it is more than possible that crocodiles or alligators could survive in English rivers, were anyone crazy enough to import them, however, few would want to, and nobody would call them British.

Yet we grant the honour of being called British to far more dangerous, murderous and indeed no less alien creatures than crocodiles, we grant it unquestioningly to men and women who's only claim to Britishness is an accident of birth, but who's true inheritance, culture and, in most cases, if the truth be told, true national allegiance, lies far from our shores.

Last night, I lost count of the number of times that various newscasters referred to the men convicted of conspiracy to blow seven packed aircraft out of the sky, as “British”, yet they are not British in any true or natural sense. They have been granted British passports because their parents happened to be here when they were born, but location does not change a nationality, their nature, culture, race and inheritance has come down to them, through thousands of generations, from their ancestral homelands, and, as we saw from their pre-recorded suicide videos, that is where their hearts and souls belong also.

Their alleged handler Rashid Rauf (above) was also born in Britain, but left hurriedly after his uncle was stabbed to death. Rauf is believed to be a leading Al-Qaida operative behind terror attacks across the world, including the attacks in London of the 7th and 21st of July 2005. There are doubts as to whether Rauf is still alive, or, as the Americans claim he was killed by a bomb dropped from an unmanned “drone” in November 2008. However there are less doubts as to whether he considered himself “British” or where his loyalty lay, despite his accident of birth.

There are many like them, whilst one anchor baby gives a dynasty access to our country, the skies approaching Britain are full of pregnant women grasping entry visas long enough to get them in and out of the maternity wards. Yet the children, who by chance of Birth, have anchored their parents, and often their grandparents to our country, are no more part of the indigenous people of Britain than I would be Czech had I been born prematurely whilst my parents were enjoying a City break in Prague.

I would still be British had I been born on the open seas, for it is to Britain that I trace my genes and my bloodline. These men have no such claim, and to grant them one, is not only artificial but it denies them their true culture.

Commentators, speak of a “common British character” as if British genes are injected into arrivals at what is laughably called 'Immigration control'. A British character is no more something one develops by the act of getting off a plane at Heathrow than a French Character is something you gain by arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle.

No matter how many laws the treacherous governments of this land may have written they can not change nature. An Englishman does not become Chinese by being born in Beijing and a Somali does not become British by being born in Telford. Location does not change genes, and to claim otherwise is all part of the fantasy world created by political correctness, where, to take it to its logical conclusion to become a horse, a sheep need only to be born in a stable.

Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Tanvir Hussain and Assad Sarwar owe their claim to Britishness to a piece of paper and the malevolence of politicians. It is merely ethnic cross dressing which can be locked away when the pantomime is over, and certainly will be when we are all called to take a stand. In their genes, hearts, souls and allegiance they are Pakistani, and that is what matters to them.

They are also not British Muslims, the only British Muslim involved was the convert Donald Stewart-Whyte, who was cleared of all involvement in the airliner bomb plot. The others are only British by dint of political whim. However, politics change only transitory perceptions, it does not change reality. To call these men “British” would be correct only if you define nationality in the narrow terms of geographical location at the point of birth, I do not accept that definition, and self evidently neither do they.