Sunday 6 September 2009

Trevor Phillips gives your money to his cronies

Not all whites are "less than human" are they Trevor?
How is your wife by the way?

One of the problems that the British National Party is going to have when it eventually becomes the government of the day - and it will - is not just bringing to justice all those political traitors who have profited out of the destruction of Our Country but also all their "chums" embedded in the various Quangos. A BIG job.

But one of the first whose head should roll - and I do not care how - is Trevor Phillips, who has done more to damage race relations in this country then any other person I can think of.

Under numerous investigations, he attempts to divert attention away from himself by starting a war he knows he cannot morally win, with the British National Party but that will not work. Some people are starting to see through this professional black racist who referred to BNP members and supporters as "less than human".

It seems that Trevor "paid" a close personal friend £308,000 of taxpayers money for a contract that had been valued at £30,000. In fact the contract was really worthless - nobody wants the rubbish put out by the EHRC except those who get paid for producing the vomit inducing garbage.

Like other madmen before him, who see their world tumbling down, Trevor has retreated to his bunker and alienated even those highly paid parasites who also feed of us at the EHRC, where six commissioners have already resigned over Phillips' bizarre and autocratic behaviour.
Last night a senior EHRC source said: ‘The Juniper deal was all Trevor. The whole way he does business is sofa government, you know: “I’ve got a mate called Samir, he will sort it out.”

'He is completely flaky. There is a constant stream of things that don’t get done properly. I don’t think he is intentionally corrupt, he’s just not up to the job. He can’t see that the commission awarding contracts to his personal friends without following due process is wrong.
Shades of Lee Jasper but the BNP really do have their work cut out for them in the future. The Teaching profession, The Judiciary, Police Services, the NHS, Fire Brigades, etc - all full off rotten maggots that will have to be winkled out of the body of Our Country before we can heal the wounds and run them properly for the benefit of the British People.

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