Thursday, 1 May 2008

OPEC - Eat my shorts

Very interesting video clip. I welcome your comments. Is this possible or is it just pie in the sky?


Anonymous said...

I hope it works. I would be prepared to pay double for petrol on condition that not one penny went to a muslim country.

Anonymous said...

looks like BS to me.
algae without photo synthesis lol.

Anonymous said...

Anything is possible if you want it hard enough GA. Delve into Quantum Physics and its all there, you got to believe it before you can see it. Ill need to tell you about a manifestation experiment Ive seen with my own eyes GA, just about blew my brain cells!
Believe and ye shall see... ...who said that?
By the way you can get fuel from BS too.

Fyrdist said...

Well, it doesn't look like "pie in the sky" to me. They have proved (?) that it can be done and that vehicles will run on this substance as a fuel.

This supposed success will turn the world on its head. No more oil wars; no more OPEC; no more exploitation; no more absolute power from those wielding oil supplies; no more speculation on oil prices in the casino that is the Stock Exchange...

Wow. With all these good points in mind I would, if I were those two innovators, reassess my personal security and the security of my premises in which I kept the equipment used to bring about this revolutionary breakthrough. I would also make a dozen copies of all my research and send them elsewhere.

Upsurges like will break the fine balance between the trio of meglomania, capitalism, the foundations of the New Wold Order and the conditioned masses of serfdom that are slaves to this trio through their use of oil as a supposed "necessity" to which there is "no alternative".

It has always been rumoured that there is an alternative to oil and that the geo-political Establishment has kept it under wraps; they will surely not now allow this find to break through -not without a fight, at least.

bernard said...

Anon @ 21:57 is right.

These boffins have forgotten one basic principle: Sunlight is THE major catalyst and primary building block for all life on earth and it's FREE. Absolutely FREE.
The end-product, sugar, if grown commercially, (how else?) is NOT FREE if it has to be grown as cane or sugar beet. These are crops that have to be a). Sown; b). Fertilised; c). Pest/disease treated; d).Harvested; e).Distillated; and then f).Transported.
There is nothing free or carbon neutral about all those processes!

These 'jobs-worths' are just looking for grant aid and public funding.
They're all at it.

Anonymous said...

The problem is how they engineer the algae for maximum oil production.....

Gotta be Genetic engineering.

I'd put my money into it.

alan143 said...

Yes it works OK. I've been following this peak oil stuff for years.

But you already know the agenda behind "climate change" and "evil CO2" and "plastic bag hate" - world population reduction by scientific diktat. The world's billionaires support the agenda, so how will these guys find backers?

xoggoth said...

I was once offered a chance to work on a research project on exactly this. I was told that bio-projects using micro-organisms to provide all sorts of products was the big new thing and I should get into it on the bottom floor. I chose to go out and earn some proper money instead.

That was in 1969. I will believe this latest rehash of the idea will work when I see it.

essemess said...

This looks like an interesting and real project - Oil from anything.