Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Beware of Blondes Mr Chairman

It is very easy to spot a Green Arrow agent -
the flag is showing she requires assistance

I was reading the Deputy Leader of the BNP, Simon Darby's site and I came across this article here and the following information he had posted about a document that is currently being circulated around the European Parliament.
"As you know, the British National Party won seats in the European Parliament at the recent elections.

I am part of a campaign working to shed light on their abhorrent positions, but one which isn't afraid of addressing the real issues of immigration, social exclusion etc...

As part of this I am helping some colleagues in London to look for a person in Brussels who would be able to "follow" the activities of the new BNP MEPs in the EP (voting records, speeches, who they employ, what they claim etc etc).

This person would work as part of a small team, mostly based in London who will be doing the same thing in Westminster, contributing to a public website. Its ideally a position for a recent graduate, young researcher, blogger etc.

Its a 2-2.5 day per week job, probably worth 10,000-15,000 pounds per yr, so would need to be done as part of a portfolio of other interests I guess.

Oh, and they probably need to be British. If you have any ideas of people who could be interested, pls do let me know."

Nasty. Very nasty. But not unexpected. Then over here we find something else that both Mr Andrew Brons MEP and Mr Nick Griffin MEP will have to watch out for in Europe.

El País reports that the EU is going to improve its security system following various incidents where senior officials, including Javier Solana, have been spied upon. Solana said that he was "subject to espionage for months, without being aware, by a non-European power". The spies reportedly include an "attractive blonde intern", a foreign civil servant and an IT technician. The article notes that the laptop of the General-Secretary of the Council, who deals with "thousands of highly confidential documents" was subject to espionage. Another source told El País that "it isn't only Solana", adding that "there have been other cases".

So there you go gentlemen, although I am sure we have no worries about our men being influenced by attractive blondes or rich gravy.