Thursday, 9 July 2009

Conservative Party condemns UAF

Many of us sit and wonder about how someone like David Cameron, who aspires to being Prime Minister of our dying country can support the actions of the vicious political terrorists of the UAF.

Why has this oily creature remained silent, when the evidence against these criminals is so widely available? There is:
  • Film footage
  • Photographs
  • Threats on web sites and forums
How many smoking guns does the man need to see?

This is not about the British National Party, this is about Freedom of Speech. It is about democracy. It is about being British. Any thinking person should be able to clearly see, that any organisation that does not stand in elections, does not elect its officers and officials, yet constantly threatens violence against a legal political party is a threat to all political parties, not just the BNP.

Well some who wondered about the above, actually took the time to write letters asking why and are to be applauded.

I received almost 100 copies of emails sent to David Cameron and other MP's asking why David Cameron was allowing his name to be used by this criminal organisation. I shall just post a couple of them, because the replies are all much the same.

Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 13:57:13 +0000

Mr Cameron, as a Conservative voting family it really does concern me that you are a signatory of "UAF" they are an extremist Communist organisation, please consider withdrawing from this Communist outfit or i will continue to advise my friends of your alliance to this terrorist organisation.cheers

Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 17:55:18 +0100

Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for your letter, which raises important issues about the rise of extremism in British society, as well as a specific question of why the UAF list David Cameron as a supporter.

The reference made by the UAF to David Cameron derives from correspondence between them from many years ago. Nevertheless, along with all Conservative MPs, David Cameron is extremely concerned by the recent election of BNP Members to the European Parliament. The values and views of the BNP are completely unacceptable and wrong. They are extremists who want to divide this country over the issues of race and skin colour. They have no answers to the problems in Britain today, and their policies will only make things much worse.

At the same time, David Cameron has also asked me to emphasise that he does not in any way support, and should not be taken in any way to support, any action which is unlawful or which attempts to curtail proper freedom of speech in the UK. I hope you feel reassured by that.

Thank you, again, for getting in touch about these issues.

Yours Sincerely,

Lara Moreno Perez
Office of the Leader of the Opposition
House of Commons

Oh dear, I fear that the tone has been set for the rest of the replies. No response to the enquirers request for Cameron to withdraw his support for the UAF, just a straight launch into an attack on the BNP.

Well, perhaps we can expect an answer in the next email. Let us see what the Rt Honourable Oliver Letwin has to say.

Dear Madam

I understand that David Cameron leader of the Conservative Party is a signed up supporter of a small group of people who call themselves 'uaf' ('unite against fascism').

I understand also that this group who say that they function as a 'Public protest body’ are nothing of the sort, but are a small group of extremist left-wing fanatics, lunatic crankson the fringes of society who carry out such acts as attacking property and innocent law abiding people with claw hammers. Most lately it was the ‘uaf’ that held a demonstration that attacked a peaceful BNP press conference outside Parliament, pelting the media and party officials with eggs, placards and bottles. Several of the UAF thugs also punched and kicked members of the BNP, including deputy leader Simon Darby who was repeatedly kicked in the back.

All this happened in front of Parliament where there was supposed to be no demonstrations where within a mile and furthermore there was no police presence or intervention.

I would consider that such a group as this ‘uaf’ would be ignored by any normal political party. Surely no one in their right mind, we would have presumed, would want to associate themselves with this sort of violent, far leftist thuggery and extremism.

It thus in deep disappointment and horror that the David Cameron Leader of the Conservative party gives his wholehearted support to such a group.

What is the Conservative party coming to?

I look forward to your response on this matter

Yours faithfully

From Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP

Dear Mr xxxxxx,

I have now looked into the question of why the UAF list David Cameron as a supporter.

It transpires that this derives from correspondence between them many years ago.

Mr Cameron has asked me to emphasise that he does not in any way support, and should not be taken in any way to support, any action which is unlawful or which attempts to curtail proper freedom of speech in the UK.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Oliver Letwin

No answers there. Oh well. Next please. Let's just have the replies now.

From: CANNON, Peter (Office of Dominic Grieve QC MP) <>
Subject: RE: Contact from Dominic Grieve's website
Date: Wednesday, 1 July, 2009, 4:33 PM

Dear Mr xxxxxxx,

Thank you for your message of 27th June to Dominic Grieve QC MP regarding the actions of the Unite Against Fascism organisation. Your concerns have been duly noted and passed on to Mr Grieve.

The scenes on Parliament Green were disturbing. We must remember that tens of thousands of people elected these two men from the British National Party. People should be able to win arguments through democratic means and lawful protest. It is wrong that democratically elected representatives were physically attacked.

In response to the rise of the BNP, David Cameron has stated.

“What the mainstream parties have to do is prove their worth – get on the doorstep, explain to people how we are going to take up their concerns, how we are going to respond to their issues.”

On the question of David Cameron being a signed-up supporter of Unite Against Fascism, I would recommend that you write to him directly, as this is a matter of parliamentarians expressing their support individually rather than on behalf of entire parties. Mr Cameron can be contacted at the address below:

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Thank you once again for taking the time to write to Mr Grieve.
Yours Sincerely,

Peter John Cannon
Office of Dominic Grieve QC MP
Shadow Justice Secretary & Shadow Attorney-General

This is getting boring. One, maybe two more but thats it. We have to move on.

Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your email.

I have no idea whether or not David Cameron is a member of UAF, although I can tell you that it is not an organisation I have any desire to join.

Perhaps you might wish to contact David Cameron directly or contact your own MP to ask him on your behalf.

Best wishes

Philip Davies MP

Oh well done Philip. Perhaps you should have a word with your Leader, you appear to have more sense than him. Ever considered a leadership bid?

Last one. Lots to do.

Dear Mr xxxxxx,

Thank you for your email. I was not aware of UAF and have enquired about David Cameron's involvement from his office. The answer to your point is simple: David Cameron, like most people in this country (but not the BNP) is absolutely opposed to fascism, and has in the past supported the aims of the UAF. However, the Conservative Party as a whole deplores the recent violence incited by the UAF, and David Cameron in no way associates himself with that. I hope, therefore, that your concerns on that front are put to rest.

However, I should point out that the BNP, which is largely behind this effort to discredit David Cameron, is a brutish, anti-democratic, racist and fascist organization. I understand why people may vote for them - not least because normal politics is so discredited at the moment, and politicans have failed to deliver. I want to show that that need not be the case, in Ipswich at least - as I hope you have seen over the campaign to keep heart services in Ipswich, which I have led. But the BNP has no answers, other than to spray bile and spread falsehoods. That is why wherever they are elected, they soon lose their seats in the following election. I hope, therefore, that you will be able to vote for me at least, as I have already delivered, and could do so much more as your member of parliament.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Gummer

I think the Ben Gummer above, is the Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Ipswich. What worries me about Ben, is that he wants to be in politics but does not have a clue about some of the filth out there in the political world.

Anybody notice, that in none of the replies received, did anyone say that David Cameron would now disassociate himself from the communist thugs of the UAF.

EDIT: By JohnOfGwent

GA You know I wouldn't jump into one of your posts without a damn good reason. However this tactic of your elected representatives replying asking you "why not ask David yourself" is a fraud. David Cameron is prevented by parliamentary procedure from responding to any correspondence not from a constituent.WritetoThem.Com makes this CRYSTAL CLEAR. Please see my comment below and write back pointing out your MP's error and asking them to forward your letter raising your concerns to mr Cameron as this is the only way under parliamentary procedure that he will be able to respond.

EDIT By Green Arrow

You are welcome JOG. I was aware of the parliamentary procedures and I am sorry for not mentioning them. Thank you kinsman.

Now a couple of comments have come in, that I think I should include in the main body of the article and not leave hidden away in the comments.

"You can tell a man by the company he keeps"

By the way he(Cameron) fawns over militant homosexuals on gay parades. By running in and out of mosques telling muslims how debased native Britons are and that we should integrate with the muslim way of life rather than the other way around.

By setting up all gay, feminazi, asian and black short-lists excluding native, patriotic Britons. By crawling up the arses of marxist union leaders. By being a member of Ken Livingston claw hammer gang along with the likes of Vaz, Abbot, Cohen and all the other anti-white, anti-British,
Stalin-worshipping, thieving, two-faced treasonous scum.

And more besides. Of which, later.

So how does Cameron, or rather his blathering mouthpieces respond to the challenge to his membership of the clawhammer gang?

They immediately launch into a vicious, spittle-flecked tirade against the BNP, spewing out the very words and slogans of the searchlight/clawhammer gang.

They then claim Cameron's involvement was "in the past". Add it together and there it is, clear as day.
Verbatim attack and transparent denial.

Guilty as charged!
That was from Wolfblood. The next one was from Firecrest

Mainstream parties are incapable of answering anything directly, they are also scared to move out of the comfort zone of cosy politics, hence one of many reasons i turned to the BNP was that they have the backbone to answer a question directly as they are realistic in their ideologies.

The replies appear to have denounced the victims namely the BNP rather than the perpetrators, that sadly is also a sign of the times (man found guilty of beating burglar in his home..etc...).

To quote the first reply "They are extremists who want to divide this country over the issues of race and skin colour."

Nope he got that wrong those who brought division are those who undemocraticly FORCED this multiracial disaster onto this nations people then continued this with law & legislation to give the immigrant population & other minority groups 'PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT'. The extremists are those who changed this homogeneous nation into a multiracial slum, that includes traitors in the UAF.

Then Scouse said:

So Cameron said that the values of the BNP are completely unacceptable and wrong but then , at a 7/7 memorial ,went and shook hands with convicted Garry Holness who raped two 16 year old girls. Well at least we know what standards Cameron aspires to.

Nothing surprising there then.It would be nice if you will mention that a few times GA in future when you write about Cameron and UAF.

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