Friday, 24 July 2009

Radio 4 Toady Programme 22 July 7:21am: Sharia Courts Revel in Handling NON Moslems

by johnofgwent

Driving into work yesterday morning I chanced upon a most interesting revelation.

At 1 hour and 21 minutes into the TODAY programme the apologists at the BBC allowed the islamists who have infiltrated this country to crow publicly at the increasing number of NON followers of Islam who have turned to their sharia courts for arbitration in commercial matters.

The programme's running order (check it out for yourself using the BBC I-Player here) says this :-
Barrister Sheikh Faiz-Ul-Aqtab Siddiqi and Dr Denis MacEoin, a former lecturer in Islamic studies, discuss why someone who does not belong to a particular religion would choose to use a service which uses that faith's law.
If you listen to this chap you would think him the pinnacle of servitude to society, offering legal settlement of commercial matters for a mere £800 when costs in the kuffar legal system can run to many thousands, even tens of thousands of pounds..

I've yet to hear of a barrister offering a service to humanity that doesnlt grease his palm to the n'th degree and therefore you will of course understand my scepticism. And with good reason. For each of these hearings are the settlement of a dispute between a moslem and someone who has not fallen under the spell of the cult of the dead paedophile.

And I wonder why that is ?

I don't wonder at all really. ANYONE who has EVER run a REAL small business knows only too well the web of lies and deceit that await when your supplier, or your customer, defaults and leaves you high and dry. OUR legal system bends over backwards to help the dishonest merchant and crooked customer. I do not have the space to go into chapter and verse here but I count myself fortunate I knew more about how the shysters operate so that when my company was being wrung out to dry I was able to fight back. Many I know have not been so lucky or so well informed.

And we are a country that welcomes these people with open arms and a booklet in fifty different languages telling you how to claim benefits from our system, so it is of course to be expected that the same fools arm these people with a knowledge - and a lawyer free of charge - to use our courts against us.

So if you are owed thousands of pounds by a follower of the cult of islam, what do you do ? Continue to let our courts run rings round you or roll the dice for a quick settlement according to the prophet. Be warned though, I wouldnl' bother if the business is run by a woman. Unholy Mo had almost as much contempt for the female as Saint Paul The Bigot with his demand that they ask their husbands what the sermon was about.

But I would like to talk to some of these nonbelievers who have made use of the sharia courts in this country, I really would. Because I think they have a story to tell.