Friday, 24 July 2009

John Prescott on drink throwing

John Prescott after being struck by egg
Just eggcept the fact that the man is no-vote
John and let it go at that

So a coward hiding behind Parliamentary Privilege makes an attack on the British National Party security staff for steering a possibly deranged maniac away from MEP Nick Griffin.

The story reported on the BBC site of course is a complete lie and there is nothing unexpected there.

Rat MP David Drew, cowering in the Commons claimed the thug was a "totally upstanding" man and went on to say:
"I don't know why [Mr Griffin] was wined and dined in my constituency in Painswick but he was," he said.

"It just so happens that one of my constituents took offence at this and happened to spill some beer over Mr Griffin.

"I happen to know the young man, and he is totally upstanding - he's an outstanding individual.

"As a result of this he was taken outside and given one hell of a hiding."

Complete nonsense of course and why Drew, who I shall now be looking into, thinks he has a say in who eats in restaurants in Painswick is beyond me.

But the lie he dare not repeat outside the commons was "As a result of this he was taken outside and given one hell of a hiding". Fiddlesticks. The guy waited outside before launching his attack after being expelled from the pub for using abusive language towards diners.

So lets see what the politicians have to say about people throwing things over elected representatives and unelected ministers.

Well actually I have only time to mention one politician and a finer example of a politican you will not find anywhere.

It is by the only failed bulimiac in the country, John Presscott. This is what he had to say on hearing the news that the queen peer Peter Mandelson had been drenched in green custard by a Miss Deen, who is a Plane Stupid protestor. Get it?
John Prescott said it was "unacceptable" that the climate change protester who threw a cup of green "slime" over Lord Mandelson was allowed to walk away with impunity.

The former deputy prime minister - who was the victim of a number of similar incidents - said Miss Deen should have been arrested for her "assault".

"What is totally unacceptable is the way the woman walked away claiming it was her right in democracy. She should have been arrested. It is not acceptable that she should be allowed to walk away after an assault,

If it had been acid would she still be walking away? We had better get a grip of this situation and, frankly, public people shouldn't be expected to be physically assaulted with such impunity."
Agreed John, you showed us what to do. Nick should have punched the guy in the mouth and then had him thrown in jail for almost 24 hours. Thats the way to do it.

Anyhow news just in, is that Nick Griffin MEP is due to give a statement to Stroud police later today. Be careful Nick, they might just arrest you for walking in a racist manner or not bowing to the rainbow flag on the wall there.
Now Mr Griffin, a member of the European parliament, has made a complaint.

“Yesterday afternoon, Thursday July 23, Gloucestershire Constabulary received a phone call from a 50-year-old man wishing to report an assault outside The Falcon Inn Public House on New Street, Painswick on Saturday July 11,“ said a Gloucestershire police spokeswoman.

Good. Because Prescott for once did have a point. It is only one small step from throwing eggs as advocated by Lee Jasper of the UAF to throwing bricks and acid and acid in the face can ruin anyone's day.