Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The BNP in Wales

Now I do not know about you, but when I see a speaker stand up in a meeting with a sheaf of papers in hand, I mentally flinch and try to estimate the number of pages to be endured. I have long gone past the stage where I need uplifting speeches, the speaker could recite the 2 * 2 table and I would suffer no loss of motivation.

So when i opened the above video and saw Clive Bennett, the Wales BNP Secretary, standing there with his prepared speech, I just switched it off.

And then it hit me, I had just closed my mind like one of the sheep people in the UAF. i did not even know what Clive was going to speak about. I had done the equivalent of putting my hands over my ears and going blah, blah, blah. There is a lesson the be learnt there. Not sure what, but there is.

The video was taken on the 4th of July in Swansea by Wales BNPtv and once I started to listen, I was hooked and even learnt a little bit of Welsh History that I knew nothing about.

I honestly recommend that you watch the video. I am sure you will enjoy the piece where Clive shows his respect to the Flag of the Frauds of Europe. Nice one Clive. Any chance of an article about the period 39-45 that you spoke of?

The Rev. West was the Guest speaker. Guess which one he is.
On the left is Brian Mahoney, standing next to the excellent Jenny Noble.

Well if we are going to talk about the meeting I might as well let you know what it is about. It was an analysis of the results in Wales of the British National Party's performance in the European Elections.

The Power Point presentations was made by Welsh Regional Organiser, the hard working, Brian Mahoney. I am not at liberty to show you all the information I have but I have included some information and screen shots that you may find interesting.

Here you go.
  • Only 30% of those eligible to vote did so. Shameful apathy or complete disillusionment by the electorate?
  • Turnout 2004 41%
  • Turnout 2009 30%

4 MEP Seats in Wales
  1. Conservatives 21.2%
  2. Labour 20.3%
  3. Plaid 18.5%
  4. UKIP 12.8%
British National Party in Wales
  • 2004 3% 27,135 votes
  • 2009 5.4% 37,114 votes
So what does the above mean? Well it means that the size of the BNP vote in Wales is now a quarter of the size of Labour. We are chasing them and will catch and overtake them, make no bones about that.
  • BNP 5.4%
  • Labour 20.3%
Encouraging or what?

No wonder The Establishment are stepping up their vicious, lying attacks on the British National Party. They are like fare dodgers on a train seeing the guard coming towards them and this gravy train is one they do not want to get off. The real world would be too hard for them.

No good news for Labour. Well enough of meetings and statistics. A much respected commenter as suggested that we lighten up. So let us see what is in the next article. I wish I knew myself.