Friday, 24 July 2009

YouTube HATE Channels

Anti-BNP propaganda takes many forms. The hypocrisy of those who criticise the BNP must be tackled head-on to expose flimsy reasoning, sheer prejudice and undisguised hate. BNPtv reports on the online Community Facilities YouTube and Google Video, which are being used to propagate lies and misinformation.

A video that was long overdue in the making. BNPtv have done a great job in exposing a part of the battle that is going on over on Youtube.

It is important to support Our Boys in that battle. Please always remember to visit our channels, rate the videos and leave comments for the creators. It boosts their moral and shows others that they are not alone.

We can start now by going here, rating and leaving a thank you comment.

I also thought there was some good advice given in the video also.

Do not respond to the hate posters in their comment sections.

It is what they want. It is what they need -Attention.

Ignore them and just sit, watch and listen as they shout out “I’ll thcream and thcream ’till I’m thick.” like the attention seeking Violet Elizabeth Bott. Top entertainment.