Sunday, 26 July 2009

BNPFail on Youtube

Please do not view until you have read article

I was having a look at some images of the sad Tara of the UAF, that one of our kinsmen had sent me and thinking, "What a sad person and what a sad lonely life he must lead", when I noticed that all of his friends seemed to have a similar look, if that is possible.

In the images, which I will put up in another post, although they are laughing, there is just something pathetic about them all. The clothes they wear are the standard uniform of the UAF supporter that shout; "Look at me. Notice me please - I'm special". But of course they are not.

They are sad lonely people looking to be accepted by anyone. Used by anyone who will notice them. Now I know that the UAF are bully boy thugs (when there are enough of them and they can pool their courage) but there are two types of UAF. The paid professional agitators like the bloated Weyheyman Bennett and the other professional black, Lee Jasper and then there are their tool fools, like Tara and his friends.

And you could see the contempt that the real UAF have for the likes of Tara, in his now famous video in which he announced to the world; "I stand before you a proud woman", when they walked away from the sad speaker and left him standing there on his own. Heartless bastard that I am, even I felt pity. I do not like to see any creature suffer, even a rat.

For Gods sake Tara, why don't you and your pansexual(whatever one of those is) friends in the LGBT just bugger?? off and have some fun in privacy. The British National Party are not interested in what you do in private. Go campaign for women's rights in Saudi Arabia. You will go down big there. At least in this country you can choose to have your bits removed out there women have no choice. Hack it off guys - women must not enjoy sex.

Now about that video at the top. You can watch it now if you like. But you will have to pause it now and again to read some of the words contained within it. Pity because I liked the track but what can you do?

Good hey? Very appropriate track - especially for someone clearly as deranged as BNPFail but what worries me, is that the person behind the account actually works with children. Do those who employ him know about the evil and viciousness hiding behind the masks he wears when telling stories to the children?

The racism towards the Welsh shown at .37 into the video of course means that I would not be a fan of his work and neither would others. I should have imagined that is what prompted someone into discovering just who BNPFail really is and I have been told it did not take long. People would be surprised by just how many friends, in so many different places Nationalists have.

Of course when one simple comment was left on his channel mentioning his real name, he did what all cowards do when exposed. He cut and run for the Scottish Hills.

No need to mate, we in the BNP are not like you. We do not creep around at night attacking property or forming a gang to ambush a lone BNP supporter. So you need not worry, you can sleep easy. Unless of course you are worried about someone complaining to the police about your racist statements, which by all accounts is frowned upon in this country.

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Another video on BNPFail can be found here.

Just why David Cameron supports these kind of people is beyond me.