Friday, 24 July 2009

I like camping - damn they took that word as well

I shall rephrase that. I like sleeping under canvas or whatever it is now. So sleeping in a tent at the RWB will not bother me.

But the spiteful ban on the BNP not being allowed caravans and campers at the annual family festival, the Red, White and Blue winds me up for another reason.

However what does annoy me is that the police in Derbyshire are prepared to take those young children and babies, whose parents are fortunate enough to own a caravan out of their little bunks in their mini homes and make them sleep on the floor in tents.

I also feel sorry for those people who have clubbed together to hire camper vans for the weekend, not just to sleep in but too travel up in.

Big roughie toughie police, only too eager to carry out the wishes of the Local Authority - no longer are they councils - they are the LOCAL AUTHORITY, would not have the bottle to stop a convoy of travellers in their luxury mobile homes.

I remember well, the year they wanted to arrest Nick Griffin over the Punch and Judy show. Keystone Kops have nothing on the Derbyshire Police.

Well the wheel will turn and when it does turn our way, I hope it crushes the Local Authority Maggots and the lick spittle political police wind up living in cardboard boxes.