Friday, 10 July 2009

The Curse of the East

By the Informer

The main reason that we are at war in Afghanistan is because we have to stop the production of opium. This is not new news, but the reason for it has changed.

The world needs opiates for a multitude of genuine causes, and uses. The problem is the misuse of this in drug form that is killing and wasting our youth, and more importantly filling the battle chests of Islamic terrorists such as Al Qaeda. Without this source of income it would cease to exist for all its warriors are mercenaries.

We are now losing our brave troops on a daily basis to the scum that perpetrate this vile trade, and it is time to change tactics.

We must bring back out armed forces from Afghanistan immediately and set them the same task on home soil.

The enemy are the same except that they do not openly carry weapons and they dress inconspicuously.

They are the myriad couriers, wholesalers and dealers of this deadly drug.

They might be foreign, British born or even genuine British citizens, and they are all as guilty as each other. They are directly or indirectly funding the death of our soldiers and worldwide misery.

All terrorists, subversives or insurgents need a source of income, and most get it like the IRA did it, by dishonest means, mostly the drug trade.

This country needs a dramatic overhaul of the penalty system for all drug possession.

Immediate repatriation for non nationals and their families, and whole life sentences for Britons, with absolutely no exceptions.

This would stem the life blood of the terrorist immediately. There might be a few death pangs and we must be prepared for them.

This farce of lenient sentences for drug users is a disgrace. They should each be imprisoned until they divulge their suppliers, and this should go right up to the top of the ladder.

These dealers are everywhere. Our cities are festooned with gold draped gangsters with no visible means of support.

Every time you look at one you see a creature with blood on his hands. Our blood, not theirs.

Have a look around you when you go for an evening out. Your eyes will be opened.