Sunday, 5 July 2009

The coming of the Carpetbaggers

For those of you who not understand the meaning of the term, Carpetbaggers, I shall explain. Apologies to those of you who already know.

It is an an American term from the aftermath of the American Civil war, when white Northern politicians flooded into the defeated South, carrying their Carpet Bags, to loot and plunder from their new public positions.

These days, the term has travelled and refers to politicians or people,who run for public office or join an organisation with the sole intent of benefiting themselves and not the party or the people.

Now, I was really pleased to read the article by Martin Wingfield, The Way ahead for the BNP in the European Parliament, that kept us informed of the plans of our chairman, Nick Griffin MEP and Andrew Brons MEP and some of the temptations our elected officials will face on-board the gravy train of the European Parliament.
The classic example of this can be seen from the track record of the 13 UKIP MEPs that took their seats five years ago. They were all hypnotised by Europe and did nothing while their party back in Britain almost disintegrated.
Now I do not suggest for one moment that people like Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons could ever be tempted by such rich gravy. These mens pedigree is well known and to me an inspiration. These men are not career politicians, they are Patriots and revolutionary ones at that. If I thought other, I would not be writing this article now.

But what does worry me are the carpetbaggers who have started to arrive on the platform of the British National Party, whose train is going to travel on to political success.

One of the strengths of the BNP elected councillors, assembly members and MEPs has been that these peope are not "professional" politicians. They stood, indeed many were forced into standing as candidates because the know it is the only way to win Our Country back.

But there are those joining the party now with only their own interests at heart, they may have some belief in what the BNPs policies are but their main driving force is their own personal advancement.

These carpetbaggers are quick to sense a change in the political wind. And there has been a change. They have seen the public reject the labour party that has betrayed them, they have already seen the future for the conservative weaklings and know that the conservatives are destined to reveal also their betrayal of the British People.

And these carpetbaggers know that the public will then be forced into looking at the policies of the British National Party, and when they do, the public will realised that the BNP are their only hope.

And these young, oily and plump carpetbaggers, see rich pickings to be had from the public purse. They see seats as MPs, ministerial postions, MEPs, foreign Ambassadorships, Quangoes, etc to be filled and these people are booking their tickets now.

And these same me, me, me carpetbaggers, once embedded in the party will be its destruction. Because as career politicians they have no principles or core values. They will grovel like David Cameron and Gordon Brown at the feet of anyone who can promise them block votes that will help them retain their power and wealth.

And they will repeat the mistakes of the labour and conservative party and forget the parties real roots. No, I am wrong. They never knew or understood the real roots of the party. They will have arrived and the British National Party will then just be like all the others and even accepted and then the disillusioned people of Our Country will become disillusioned voters and drift away into despair and loss of hope and then we really will have lost the Battle for Britain.

The Party must now allow this to happen. The British National Party is NOT just a polical party. It is or should be a relutionary movement for genuine change. A change that can make Our Country a paradise for our childrens children to grow up in.

And our key players must remember that in the BNP all are equal, not some more equal than others. There are no superiors, there only fellow kinsmen fighting for their country, each doing a different job but all equally valuable to the party and each other. Some whose job is in the Poor Bloody Infantry(PBI) and others whose job it is to lead. At the end of the day, we are a Band of Brothers or we are nothing.

Our elected leaders and spokesmen must not allow themselves to become isolated from the membership. They must not let the carpetbaggers put them in a bubble of isolation where they and only they feed them the information and possibly feed them information that is incorrect.

They must maintain contact with the members whenever possible, when at meetings they should not waste time talking to the local "key players", they should go sit in a corner and talk to the PBI who put them in office. Because unlike the carpetbaggers, the PBI have no political ambitions, they seek only to serve their country.

Now if you are a nationalist and not in the party, then you should be. Because if you do not join and help keep a rod of steel in the party backbone, then the carpetbaggers will have their way and loot the BNP and the country, the same way the original carpetbaggers looted the Southern States of America.

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