Thursday, 16 July 2009

"White People Must Be Reduced To A Minority"

by johnofgwent

I'm going to have to make this quick because as some of our regulars know I've got a lot on my plate right now (!) and some of it needs 'just a little more tweaking' but having seen Reconquistas latest article - which I wil have to read properly later - I was reminded of a little nugget i tripped over recently while browsing

Like the OP on there I don't know if the site and article they too tripped over on their cyber-travels is a joke, or - as i fear - a genuine belief held by a dangerously rabid nutter.

What I DO know is that if I said it here in reverse it would get the site closed down. Indeed if I ever saw an example of "its not racism when pro-blacks say it", then this is it.
White people have had 2,000 years to change their ways and, yet, THEY HAVE NOT. Whites seem unable to practice justice and fairness.

Therefore the only solution is to reduce whites to a minority wherever they are presently a majority (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc).

The sooner whites are reduced to a minority, the sooner the world can be remade into a unified global society based on justice & dignity... a world free of war and conflict.

In such a world, the natural instincts inherent in people-of-color (eg. sharing, justice, peace, fairness, etc) will then finally be free to flourish.

Lastly, the fewer white people in the world, the less chance they'll have to re-emerge and restart their oppressive & racist ways.
Ok then. I'll start with the simple observation that "the natural instincts of people of colour" in Rwanda were and still are to hack each other to bits with machetes for exactly the same reasons the "natural instincts" of people of ANY colour the world over are to do exactly the same when they see their territory challenged. So much for the sharing, justice, love-and-peace-man crap.

But it's the last bit of the quote I find interesting. It seems it's perfectly fine for a black supremacist to openly call for a final solution to the white race ........

Footnote by Green Arrow

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