Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The three magic letters - BNP

I am sure we have spoken about this before but let's go over it again. The three letters B N P seem to have a magical effect when it comes to local authorities and getting things done. Even in places where there are no councillors or BNP representation, the very utterance of those letters, can bring about change.

I have read cases of a letter in a newspaper saying that a concerned resident of such and such was going to contact the BNP for assistance and BINGO - the council are suddenly on the case and now I have just come across another example that I think it worth mentioning.

Over in Sandwell, the cost of having a three piece suite removed by the council as refuse, is £18.75. For a fridge it is £12.62. Not a lot of money for some people but for others, including myself that is quite a bit out of a low income.

Well British National Party councillor Russ Green was approached by just such a person on a low income, complaining about the high charge for having the above items picked up from his home. The complainat was an old age pensioner in fact.

Well I do not know what the BNP policy is on this kind of thing is, but I know what it should be. In my opinon there should be no charge. Old age pensioners have paid more than enough into the system.

Well councillor Green decided to put forward the following motion to the full council
I feel that the amount Sandwell Council charges for bulk refuse collection is excessive, especially for Old Age Pensioners, for instance the cost of having a three piece suite removed is £18.75, for a fridge its £12.62. Does this Council agree with me that these charges should at least be subsidize for OAPs
Well done councillor Green but like I said. Not far enough, I would have preferred the charge to be waived entirely. But a good motion to put forward.

Now in line with most councils, motions have to be submitted at least a week before the council meets to discuss such motions received.

You guys are sharp. You know what happened next. Would you like to finish the article? No? OK then, I will.

Within just a few days and before Councillor Green could submit his excellent motion "officially" the council announced that it had set up a subsidy amounting to a 50% reduction for OAP's.

If you look at this event in the cold light of day and from the perspective of an observer you can see that this action by the council, whilst welcome, effectively spiked the gun of the BNP being reported favourably in the local press. The magic three letters B N P had worked again.

In line with this sites new policy of attempting to publish comments from people mentioned, I contacted Councillor Russ Green and asked him if he had anything to add to the story. I am very please to say that the BNP councillor responded to us with:
I get a lot of satisfaction from getting things done in the council chambers, keeping the opposition on their toes is an added bonus really !
I bet you do Councillor. I bet you do. Mind you it does make you think that if just one BNP councillor can bring about this change, then what could a BNP controlled councill achieve? Weekly bin collections, no fees for OAPs? Only by giving the BNP a chance can we discover their true potential for bringing about change that will benefit the local people in their areas.

Sorry about the image councillor but it was the only one I could find. Any chance of a larger one for my files please? For some reason the one I found, reminded me of an old Hale & Pace sketch I once watched on TV.

BNP - Three Magic Letters that gets things done

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