Saturday, 25 July 2009

It is clear where their sympathies lie

"It is clear where their sympathies lie."

Take a look at the above image. In fact enlarge it and have a closer look. See anything there that warrants a man losing his job? No I did not think so. But then again you are normal.

Now that image has just been put up on a little read, red shite site celebrating the fact that a man was sacked from his job for being not a member but a supporter of the British National Party.
Whether l'Anson is a member of the BNP or not is beside the point. He certainly has sympathy with the far-right party and played at the party's annual piss-up, the Red, White and Blue 'festival' in 2007
Now, I ask any students or trade union members who might have stumbled onto this site against the wishes of your Red Master this.

Just what is it that you find offensive in that image from the site of the man who lost his job for having political views that do not suit the state. Do you think a man should lose his job over it?
  • Is it the link to a site that reveals the truth about Islam?
  • Is it the link to a site that reveals how Christians are being persecuted around the world?
  • Is it the link supporting the armed forces?
Tell me. Seriously. I want to know. Do you hate your country and own kin that much that you would hand your childrens future over to an alien nation?

In your hearts, have you REALLY swallowed the marxist bullshit taught you by your lecturers? If you are a student you must have some brains, unless of course you are a sociology or anthropology student, in which case you are probably brain dead already.

Do your own research. Use Google. Go seek the truth for yourself. If I can find it, so can you.

Tell them to stuff their free coaches, to take you to attack women and children at the family Red, White and Blue, right up their big fat red arses.

And you union men. Is this what you really want to do on a weekend? Stand and scream at women and children from behind a wall of police. Do you not value freedom of speech and the right of free association?

When the union is dishing out money to marxist causes, they are giving your money away as quickly as the bosses are giving your jobs away to the colonisers of the country.

In Birmingham the council have just said that of 300 new homes and flats available, 264 of them are going to refugees. Do you not think that would be worth protesting about?

Today another soldier has been blown to bits - not worth protesting over? No?

Look at this video here and listen to the words spoken by the men. Yes it is only a film but the events were real. The British National Party now, is the Labour Party of its early days. It is fighting to protect your wages and jobs, not give them away. If the BNP were not like the men portrayed in this film, I could not and would not support them.

In the La La Land of marxism, all the workers of the world are equal - speak to a marxist when he has had a drink and lets his guard down. He will tell you that jobs must go overseas to bring up their standard of living until the world is made flat. They are mad.

They care not about your mortgage or how you pay your bills. You are a pawn. And just as the Russians forced their troops over the top in the second world war with machine guns at their back they will push you to the front in any demonstration, while they hide at the back.

And remember this also, those at the back are being paid for their actions and get a bonus for every extra person they can be persuaded to help boost the numbers. Did not know that did you?