Monday, 27 July 2009

Take a look at this

This is where I keep my coffee

Well what do you think? It is the first image of the first and only Home of the Green Arrow mug? Sorry about the focus but I am a blogger and not a cameraman.

That mug, like Michael Angelo's David is unique. There is only ONE of each in the world. The fact that one is a priceless work of art and the other a statue of a guy with a small penis is neither here nor there. They are both unique.

And you know something. You are unique. There is only one of you. You are an individual and if you are a nationalist you are uniquely unique.

And the British National Party must remember that fact. They must remember that their activists are unique individuals with their own minds. If they were not special, intelligent and resourceful they would be out there voting and supporting The Establishment parties.

These activists have suffered hardship, have made sacrifices, some have lost their jobs. Others have suffered damage to property and many have been physically attacked and still they face our enemies and keep their place in the British Shieldwall.

They deserve the Party's respect. They have earned the right for the Party to trust them. Hundreds of these activists will one day be Members of Parliament, some will be Cabinet Ministers and one will be Prime Minister. Thousands of other BNP activists will go on to become Assembly Members and Councillors at all levels - these people really are the Best of British. They are not sheep. They are unique.

And it is also true to say(and our enemies should understand this) that every single activist of the British National Party is prepared to risk their very lives to win back Our Country for Our Children's future. And if those activists are prepared to risk their lives then the Party must not just respect them - it must listen to them when they are concerned about issues. It is not a privilege to be informed - it is their right as unique and intelligent individuals.

And those in the Party who have "front desk" dealings with the activists, be they Election Agents, Forum Moderators or any other position in the Party, should treat other activists with the respect they deserve and certainly not insult them. They must THINK before they speak. Only a fool rattles something of without thinking what the consequences of ill chosen words could be. Yes - I know I do it all the time but then again, I to am unique and will try from now on to take my own advice.

And the Party is NOT and NEVER must be considered as a Main Stream Political Party. It must be more. It must be a Relolutionary Movement. A revolutionary movement for change. Real change. Change that will really make our tortured land a home fit for heroes.

And in this long struggle of ours, that some, like Our Leader have been fighting for decades, some of our activists will tire. They must be allowed to rest until they are ready to return to the battle - they should not be insulted by fresh young bloods who think they know everything or others(no matter how hard working) with greater strength of will.

I personally got burned out many years ago when nationalist were REALLY vilified. But I returned when rested and now I am good for a few more years and those now sitting at home feeling burned out will return also. Their kinsmanship with us will force them to do it, just as birds must migrate and salmon return to their river of birth. It is nature.

The Party must not stifle debate when it makes a mistake, it must not issue diktats and expect the activists to follow blindly without knowing why. They must tell them why they are fighting a particular battle. Then let the battle commence.

And those who disagree with the method of attack - like marching needlessly towards machine guns - will at least know why their Generals thought they should. But advance they must. But then, after the attack has failed, they must be allowed to discuss freely, where the attack went wrong in a polite and civilised manner so we may learn from our mistakes. It is the British Way.