Monday, 20 July 2009

Facebook, Forums and Chat Rooms

UAF Conference 2008

Good day BNP. Just a quick post now on Facebook, Forums and chat rooms. You either love them or hate them. Either way, we have to recognize the fact that they are all very important tools in spreading the truth that is the British National Party, given that The Establishment controlled media will never let us do that.

By the very fact that all real Nationalists or at least the ones I know are decent, honest, open people they sometimes wrongly assume that the people they meet in these places are the same as them. And whilst it is true that many are, there are some who are not.

All the Police Forces in the country have designated people whose sole job is to infiltrate the above sites, monitor them, befriend people and try and gather information about what is happening in the nationalist world. They want to know about meetings, they want to know about individuals and they want to see the reactions they make when they post inflamatory or offensive statements.

Also present are the agents of Searchlight and the UAF. And the aims of these people are two fold. To infiltrate and undermine the nationalist movement and to post either racist, homophobic or other offensive remarks that can then be cut n pasted into their red shite sites, point to them and say look at what the evil BNP are saying.

Now some of these police operatives and red filth have been undercover for a long periods of time. Some of them will even be members and activists within nationalist movements and they are the really dangerous ones who are difficult to uncover.

Now think about some of the statements you have seen made on Facebook or in Chatrooms and Forums. They are offensive and some obscene. Ask yourself this.

Would a real nationalist write such rubbish knowing that it would most certainly picked up by both the police and reds and then used against the nationalist party they support?

Of course not. Remember that in Facebook, Forums and Chat rooms, not everybody is who they say they are, so never write anything that can be used against you or the party in the future.

Do not give information away and treat all those "friends" you make in those places with the deepest suspicion unless you have met them personally and been voched for by known patriots.

Take statements that the new guys says he is a good friend of so and so with a pinch of salt. Very often this is not the case.

Take statements that they live in an area with no real BNP activity so they leaflet on their own as another warning they may not be right.

So bottom line is this. If you see someone proposing or supporting criminal action, then they are most certainly not nationalists. See someone using words like "niggers", "faggots", etc and they are not real nationalists either. Because regardless of what they say, they are helping hold back the True British People in taking back Our Country.

If you are in the British National Party and you have members, especially new members expressing statements that could damage the party, then pass the information onto your Organiser or Regional Organiser. That is not snitching on a comdrade, that is defending your party and country.

Here endeth the lesson on something that should really be blindingly obvious.

If you need me I will be in the unoffical BNP chat room here where we can discuss this.