Sunday, 19 July 2009

Introducing the Birmingham Patriot

Hello kinsman, nice to see you

What happened to Sundays? Here it is pouring with rain, a Somerfield Special by side and I should be happy. Well I am. Because instead of having to remove a nationalist blog from my link list, I am actually adding one.

It is The Birmingham Patriot and it looks very professional. The Birmingham Patriot makes it clear at the top that this is their new site and that the old links that people may have should be removed as the old site is now a dead parrot. It is no more, although it still sits on its perch, it is in fact gone.

So I have edited the layout on this site now to include a new linked list entitled British Patriot Sites and The Birmingham Patriot, I am proud to say, is the first to be added. I hope to add loads more. So if you run a British Patriot site and would like to be included in the new area, please email me on and let me have your links. Thank you.

The other Links to Resistance Sites will remain for now but I will be removing most of the links and starting again. I am sorry I just do not have time to go and check them all.

The following is from an email received from the Birmingham Patriot and is aimed at other nationalist sites.

To Other Patriots/Nationalist bloggers, if you'd like a button on "The Patriot Wall" please either :

1. Send me an html/java code for an existing one you have, or
2. Send me an appropriate bitmap/jpeg/gif/png (any picture file) plus the target site, and I'll do the rest!

Please use the email address:

So there you go guys. Why not go over and wish them good luck for the future.


By the way I have spoken in person to Chris Barnett, the Party Copyright Officer for the British National Party and he assures me it is quite acceptable for any nationalist site to carry a banner that links to the BNP Website, providing they display a disclaimer that all information posted on the linking site carries a disclaimer such as the one that I have displayed at the bottom of this site.

Perhaps the party should release a document saying just what it is they consider acceptable and unacceptable, because Chris also informed me that there was no need for me to have removed the image of Nick Griffin MEP that I once displayed. My fault there I fear.

Wow it is really bucketing it down now. Forgot to mention the name of the site that kindly send me the information above. It was TITVS ADVXAS, Centvrion of trvth. Best check that site out also. And then there were three.