Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Do me a favour Ken?

"Hi Ken. Sorry, I have not been in touch."

"Who is that? Rupert is that you?"

"Off course it is? Who did you think it was? Boris?"

"You know, I lost my job because of you, don't you. You made me a laughing stock".

"You already were Ken. You already were. Now listen, would you like your job back, next time it comes up?"

"You know I would? I miss playing with my train set and none of my old friends united crowd want to know me now I cant keep giving them money."

"Look Ken, you still have the newt aquarium I gave you last Christmas, you go play with that for a few years and then you will be given your job back. Turkey Boris is proving to be a bigger clown then you, so he will have to go and you get your job back."

"That's great Rupert. Listen if there anything I can do for you, just let me know."

"Why thank you Ken, you're very kind. Come to think of it, there might be."

"I thought there might be but I really do want my train set back. Tell you what, I would need a bigger track for my Scaleextric. Oh and a few of those bendy busses I can play with as well."

"No problems Ken. I would not mind betting that all your old friends will come rushing back to you when you have your old job back."

"They would? Tell me what to do Rupert."

"OK, here you go. You're still friendly with Gerry and Martin right?

"You know I am. We go way back to when we used to play pass the parcel and hostages and hijackers."

"Right, well there are these new kids on the block and they are making all these demands on us. They want silly things. Things we cannot give them. Well will not give them to be honest. Trouble is they are getting really popular with all kinds of people."

"Well warn them off Rupert. Threaten them with legal action or something. Give a few of them a slap. That will see them off".

"You have been away too long Ken. These boys are not intimidated by threats and violence. In fact when we slap them, they seem to get more friends and more popular. See the problem?"

"I do indeed Rupert. You want Gerry and Martin to pretend to be the new boys and go and do something really, really nasty and then you can blame the nasty, nasty new boys and everyone will turn against them and your friend, Old Bill can lock them all up."

"You have it a nutshell Ken. Deal Done?"

"Yes Rupert. Deal done."

"Good. Any news on Lee? What's he doing these days?"