Thursday, 23 July 2009

Supporting the British National Party

No Platform for Patriots on Stormfront

Well I have another article almost completed but have decided to put it on the back burner until later today. Besides I am expecting some articles from one of our quality writers. Reconquista.

By all accounts, it will be on a touchy subject and will surely enrage the reds who infest the Stormfront Britain Forum. Back to that in a second.

First the sites policy on articles that are posted on The Home of the Green Arrow and Friends site. If I request that an individual writes articles for the site, I only have one condition that must be adhered to. Nothing that can damage Our Country's only hope. The British National Party or their leader, Nick Griffin MEP.

And in a confessional mood, I tell you this. There have been times, that I have dropped my head onto the keyboard and thought "What is this rod you have made for yourself?".

Because I am not always in agreement with what the writers publish. But I also recognize they may be right and I may be wrong. But there is more that unites us then divides us and so the article goes out and I await the comments of approval or disapproval that will follow as surely as the new batch of invaders arriving at Heathrow.

So now that you know the policy on articles posted on this site, we can move onto the purpose of this article, that hopefully will inform as well as suck up some of your valuable time.

Take a look at the top image. It is prove of something that I have know for a long time. There was a deliberate and successful attempt at silencing me on Stormfront. A site that is apparently proscribed by the British National Party. I can understand why they would do that but a Maverick will always wander where he will. Some people are not simply cut out to be a part of the herd.
maverick noun 1 N Amer, especially US: an unbranded stray animal, especially a calf. 2 a determinedly independent person; a nonconformist. Also as adj.
ETYMOLOGY: 19c: named after Samuel Maverick (1803-70), a Texas cattle-raiser who left his calves unbranded.
Now the thing about mavericks, is that they can be led, sometimes even to their deaths but they can never be pushed. And so I go where I please. And so off to Stormfront, that these days is more like a gentle balmy breeze - the reds and their tool fools have complete control of the place.

Now during my time on Stormfront, I acquired quite a good reputation for the information that I brought to the site and doing what is says on the label, that is the Green Arrow banner, I supported the British National Party at every opportunity and defended the party whenever it was attacked, which was almost constantly.

However, after awhile because of these actions I started to receive the usual threats of physical violence, smears about my past - in fact, so called fellow nationalists were behaving in just the same way as the Reds. And why not - most of the abusers were reds who had dug themselves deep into the forum. Well eventually they dug themselves right in as moderators and then the game really was afoot.

I noticed that articles exposing the UAF and Searchlight were being deleted and when I enquired why this was the case, the reply was that they did not promote red organisations and were giving them the "no platform" treatment. Complete and transparent nonsense. The information (links are on right) was of use to anyone wishing to understand our enemies.

And when I started to question the silly obscene, racist and disgusting statements made by some people professing to be Real Nationalists and going through their previous articles, I realised there was a ring of them (or one or two with multiple logins) repping each other like hell and posting either attacks on the BNP or making statements which I would then see posted on red sites as coming from the evil BNP Nazis on Stormfront.

And once they saw that I was on their trail the game was over for me. I was put first on permanent moderation, anything I submitted would take hours or even days to be published.

At first glance a patriotic post
Click for larger image

And so I pointed out on the blog some of the more dangerous players on the site. I will not go into details but I have lots of screen saves and emails on this subject. To learn more about the person who I believe is not what he professes to be, please read this and then this. All verifiable. By the way I also tracked a false BNP site down to this man and confronted him over it. Another story for another day.

So what did finally get me banned? Well unsurprisingly it was a post by the same man who recently posted the above. In an earlier post, prior to the European Elections he said that all British National Party supporters should forget Party Loyalty and vote for the UKIP traitors. Elections over he is now a BNP supporter - or would appear to be - but he is not.

Knowing how thin the ice was, I chose my words carefully (and again I have all the emails and screenshots to support what I say next) when I responded politely asking just why a so called nationalist would suggest such a thing as to vote for UKIP. Bang. I was banned again for a month.

I enquired of one of their mods just why I should be banned for asking such a simple question and he responded with words to the effect, "you know why". When I replied again by PM saying he was being unfair. Bang another ban from another mod for "harrasement". Well I was laughing by then. But reluctant to be forced from the field of battle, I bit the bullet and hung on in.

Green Arrows Last three posts on Stormbreeze
Please do enlarge and read

Well that was a waste of time. I might as well have not bothered. My fate was already sealed in a deal behind closed door. The Green Arrow must go. And go I did.

And so obvious was their attack that anyone with half a brain will see how subverted Stormfront is.

Back hardly a day and as usual defending the British National Party I responded to a post saying that the Stormfront forum was bigger than the BNP. You can read my last three posts on SF above. But I responded with

"I needed a laugh. And just how many Councillors does this forum have and how many candidates will it be putting forward come the euro and general elections?"

Clang. The trap snapped shut. I was banned for life for insulting Stormfront.

Anyone who is a regular visitor to that occupied by the enemy site will see that by reading through articles, they will see that all those, usually BNP supporters who spoke of peaceful means of achieving power, who questioned the motives of those who made statements that would damage the cause of Nationalism have all been banned.

But those who have control are not totally stupid and so do allow some pro BNP statements because were they not to, then there would be none left on the site except themselves.

I leave you to make your own mind up about the individual I have mentioned and how Stormfront is now controlled. Just take care if you have dealings with either.