Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The New World Order and it's Attack on our Freedom

By Celtic Sun

As a follow-up to the article 'Time for the BNP now to tell people the truth', I have long believed that the ultimate objective of the NWO is the destruction of the Western peoples in body, mind and soul. Doing this has seen an attack on us on many fronts:

* The war against us physically: by enforced vaccination, by introducing GM, irradiated and pesticide-laden foods; by promoting mobile phones as safe - even to young children; by dumping fluoride into our water supplies; through heavy promotion of the toxic products of the pharmaceutical industry whilst waging an outright war on alternative medicine; and by allowing a 24 hour drinking culture.

* The war against us mentally: by keeping our minds occupied through 'reality TV' and the promotion of the 'celebrity culture'; through the availability of mind-altering drugs - both legal and illegal; through fluoride dumped in the water supplies which is known to make people passive and docile; and by keeping us distracted by a constant barrage of trivia, red tape, and 'health and safety' regulations.

* The war against us emotionally and spiritually: by the constant dumbing down of everything to its lowest levels; by soul-destroying architecture and 'art'; through the constant introduction of ludicrous ideas such as spy cameras in your waste bins; through disillusionment in the political process, and a belief that law and order has failed when violent criminals go unpunished, or are released early only for them to commit further crimes; through the deliberate errosion of our civil liberties; and of course through the introduction of mass immigration into this country that causes widespread suspicion, fear and isolation.

The last of these installs in the population a belief in the potential threat from terrorism (whether real or imagined doesn't really matter much for the NWO).This is constantly played upon by those in government and allows for the complete and total surveillance of the people through CCTV cameras on every street corner, compulsory ID cards and spy 'drones' flying overhead; databases on your every thought, word and movement; and the looming potential of microchip implants - something already a reality and which allows the tracking of an individual's movements anywhere he goes.

Fear is the key to control, and the fear of crime and terrorism ensures an all too willing acceptance by most people of the most draconian of measures on the part of the state. Global warming, or disease, such as mad cow disease, AIDS, measles, or the latest scam - swine flu - are some of the other fear-mongering measures designed to control people. Once people are in fear they demand 'solutions' - solutions the NWO-controlled government are only too keen to give us.

The removal of any sense of national pride, and the culture, achievements, history and customs and traditions of that nation forgotten about or discouraged are further essential components of the agenda, and with this comes the enforced membership of the European Union. This causes an even greater sense of loss of power and isolation amongst the people as increasingly we see more of our laws originating in Brussels, resulting in an even more sustained attack on us emotionally and mentally.

To keep people from questioning their elected members of parliament, or even waking up for a while to ask just what the hell is going on, other means are necessary, such as the dreaded 'political correctness' , whereby people are made to feel too scared to speak out for fear of being made an outcast, or accused or being 'racist'. Naturally, the control of the media is essential (and especially the BBC), whilst the brainwashing is started at an early age in our schools through the deliberate errosion of any sense of self-respect, the dumbing down of education generally, and the promotion of materialism, early sex, and the 'benefits' of multiculturalism. Home schooling is discouraged should any young minds slip through the net.

In readiness for any mass awakening the police have long singe abandoned any pretence at being servants of the public, but instead now only serve the political paymasters, armed with lethal tazers.

There of course many other aspects of the the NWO agenda, but from the above it should clearly be understandable just why in the run up to the European elections we witnessed the most sustained and systematic attack on a political party ever in this country by all the main parties, and almost the entire media, as well as recently seeing the outrageous attack on the political system by New Labour by denying the BNP MEPs access to documents and services available to all other MEPs.

The problem is that this has all been introduced over a lengthy time span, and so few people really notice the big picture, with most having come to accept what has happened as the natural order of things today - the age of terrorism.

Though we have clearly reached the 11th hour, I believe there is still time to do that which is necessary to reclaim our country and our freedom. Firstly there has to be a systematic attempt at alerting people as to what has happened, and what is at stake if we do not start to fight back. Second, we need to take to the streets to voice our anger, and thirdly we need to enter into a mode of total non-compliance with this treacherous government

Footnote by The Green Arrow

I am not sure that I am in full agreement with Celtic Sun with regards to taking to the streets other than in a peaceful and lawful fashion and I hope that this is what he meant.

Hopefully, Celtic Sun will soon have his own area on the Green Arrow Forum where we able to archive his writings in one place for others to read in the future.