Friday, 17 July 2009

The Day David Cameron Lost His Street Cred

The Perils Of Getting Too Big For Your Boots
And Forgetting Where Your Roots Are

By JohnOfGwent

I've been the political equivalent of a "credit card rate tart" in my life. When Peter Hain demanded Student Societies boycott Barclays, I naturally joined the Conservative Student Association to help bring the lawsuit against him for his fascist behaviour. When they failed to give Hain the kicking they promised I dumped them and joined Miss Whiplash's party. I even applied for the role of Shadow Chief Whip. (In those days I had a leaner, fitter, body mostly muscle and wannabe chippendale). These days I'd have to apply to be Minister of Lard. And I even believed Shirley Wiliams, Bill Rogers, David Owen and David Steel's pledge to break the mould of british politics, and was among the first to divvy up for a student membership.

Look I was young, and I believed the world was a place I could make better. And if one does not believe Parliamentary Democracy will do that, then all that is left is the Armalite and the Improvised Explosive Device.

But I was elated when David Cameron took it upon himself to set up his "WebCameron" website. This was a milestone. The regulars on"RevLeft" whinge endlessly that we, the British National Party, siezed the initiative in digital age communication to fellow believers, party activists and the electorate in general. Revleft of course have no interest in democracy or elections. They, like the UAF, seek only to crush the voice of the people. But "Webcameron" showed the leader of a MAJOR political party, and the man most likely God Help Us All to be our next Prime Minister, had got the message.

Admittedly most of his site was Adobe Flash Videos of Dave saying "...and that is why this afternoon I am going to make a speech .... blah blah blah". But uniquely at the time for the big parties Webcameron had a forum, and one in which anyone who could keep a civil tongue in their head were welcome regardless of their political stance.

I know because I was a member of that forum. More than once I went there to say something like "well I think David is mistaken in that view because ....." And you'd be surprised at the reaction. More than once I saw evidence that party officials and the man himself took up what was said. The finest example was a post where Cameron came in and admitted that in the light of comments he had received here and elsewhere he now thought X was a bad idea and was going to support Y instead.

Show me how someone can get that from the current shower in government without first giving Peter Mandelson a Blow Job.

And then one morning I awoke from the dream. Overnight "Webcameron" had been assimilated into the Tory Party Central Website, the forum was gone and now all that was left was Cameron's videos and the odd sycophantic comment of boot licking agreement.

That was the day "WebCameron Rejects" was born. For quite a while I hung round in there but eventually I lost interest because the party behind the original were no longer listening, and for me, the point of the forum and my whole reason for contributing my opinion and ideas was that it was a place where anyone's opinion, no matter how far fromparty policy, was givan a voice, and then often rightfully given short shrift, but all done in an impeccably polite manner.

As I said in one of my last posts before tailing off and taking up the cudgel as a Friend Of The Green Arrow, for me, the change in direction that Webcameron took when the Tory Party decided electoral success might be hindered by openly allowing opposing views to be aired, was a fatal one. As I said over there, if I was looking for a mutual dick length admiration society I would join the UAF mailing list.

The British National Party is nothing without its activists and its supporters. For as long as I have been a contributor to this blog I have heard our political enemies complain that they had nothing like our dedication, nothing like our organisation. In fact the only thing thay have going for them is money. Barrowloads of it and mostly thieved from our taxes.

I hear all manner of rumblings and rumours that the party I admittedly quite recently joined is having a "restructuring" in the wake of its electoral success.

I just hope and pray that there is still a place for those who webcameron rejected in Nick Griffin's brave New Future. For if there is not, then he's likely as not going to be joining the ranks of the "one hit wonders" like Martin Bell. But what worries me more than that is where those who put themselves out in their wallets and in their lives to get him where he is now will go once the party disowns them as Cameron disowned those who did not see eye to eye and recite from the party pager.