Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What happened then Mister Fox?

So what happened then Mister Fox?

Well yesterday as you know Sarah, the Green Arrow was in danger of being terminated but the good news is, "With a sudden bound our hero breaks free".

Come of it Mister Fox. You're not getting away with that one. How did he get free? You always read in the books: "With a sudden bound our hero breaks free." But they never tell you just how he broke free.

No, they don't do they Sarah? OK, I'll tell you this one time. Some of the Friends of the Green Arrow pushed the magic Donate button behind you and his world was saved. This time.

Wow. He must have some good friends Mister Fox? I bet that will piss the red shite off.

Language Sarah. Well yes he does. The best. And yes it did piss the red shite off but then again everything the Green Arrow does pisses them off. It is why he does it.

Footnote by The Green Arrow

Cheers kinsmen. System is Green again. Hopefully the time will come when the system saving button is no longer needed.

If anyone would like me to acknowledge their donation, please email me at the usual and I will reply.

I am reluctant to contact people or thank them openly, as I was once told by one that he did not wish to be thanked or contacted.

One last think about the Donate Button. If it gets pressed again today, I intend to buy this for the guys who make the films in Wales.

Thank you once more my kinsmen.