Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sky News and the BNP

"What have you done with David, Sadie?"
"Oh! Gooood Dog"

Well how stupid does Rupert Murdoch, one of the masters of the NWO, think the British People are? Well pretty stupid and he might be right. Lots of them still buy his Sun Rag.

One of his lick-spittle's, Gerard Tubb's has created a work of fiction here by reporting that British National Party members have been accused of being ashamed of themselves by not revealing their membership or support for the British National Party when writing letters of protest.

Tubbs then rushes of and bumps into the former wannabe serial father, David ("OK thats not my baby but that one is") Blunkett and manages to get this pathetic quote from the snivelling worm who shamed the high offices he once held:
It's not surprising that decent people are ashamed of the BNP when the BNP have demonstrated very clearly by this that they are ashamed of themselves,"
Hell, what a jerk. If I was his dog, I would drag him into the sea and watch him drown.

The true reasons for why British National Party members do not disclose that they are supporters is two fold.
  1. You cannot trust the press to not pass on your details to the claw hammer gang of the UAF
  2. The press will rarely display a comment or email if the writer declares themselves to support the BNP
So come on Tubbs. Shape up for God's sake and if not for God's sake, then your jobs sake, because to be honest, you are shite at it and this is the worst attempt at a smear I have ever seen.

Reference Blunkett. Blunkett in another one of those rubber ministers that always bounce back. He originally resigned as Home Secretary after fixing it for a former lovers nanny to stay in the country. Five months later the blind parasite was back in the cabinet only to have to resign for a second time because of his dodgy dealings with a Jewish Charity.

Roll on floor laughing. I just read something in the link that made me really laugh.

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