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Filling the reality Gap

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Foreword by Green Arrow

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Filling the reality Gap

By Mister Fox

There is reality gap between the dominant anti-British ideology and our common sense view. In “The Abolition of Britain” Peter Hitchins descibes it as being like a civil war as the two sides are mutually incomprehensible. Edmund Burke summed up the idealistic view: ”You think you are combating prejudice but you are at war with nature.

When it comes to immigrants orthodox people lose control and become sentimental and unrealistic. They treat them not as having human nature like us but as “victims.” They are invested only with good qualities and can do no wrong. Ethnic crimes are kept quiet by the media as they pretend immigrants are all virtue and sentimentalised like Sarah’sCuddly Bunnies.” (1)

This is a legacy of colonial arrogance as they did not give up deep-seated ideas but changed so instead of lording it over colonials the elites become goody goody and want to care for them and give them privileges over us. The Imperial attitude gave way to charity and caring but still wants to rule their lives as they treat them like children. To put it in the vernacular, the rulers lost their bottle.

Corruption and this PC attitude are linked because they see themselves as separate from us by ideology and we are regarded as the new primitives because our views are treated as backward and unenlightened; yet, they impose this on us but do not live it themselves by mingling with ethnics. They send their own children to the best schools while condemning us for objecting to our own children becoming a minority in state schools. (2)

In fact to see how corrupt and evil they are consider this: they introduced smoking bans in pubs throughout the country and destroyed much of our community spirit but smoking is still allowed in the House of Commons bars!

A YouGov survey for Migration Watch revealed that in Alan Johnson’s constituency 78% of voters oppose his attitude to immigration. Last week Alan Johnson told a House of Commons Committee that ‘he does not lie awake at night’ worrying that the population of the UK will reach 70 million and that he would not put a cap on the number of immigrants settling in the UK.

This is interpreted as being out of touch. It is not. He is against his own people because he does not have the strength to stick up for those who elected him. (3)

They do not have the moral courage to defend their own people because they have sold out to Saudi money and the Saudis want open-door immigration for Muslims so they can take over Europe.

Franco Frattini of the EU Commission, says Europeans should accept further tens of millions of immigrants within a generation. Where? By where he lives? No, forced onto our communities by these dirty hypocrites.

Jewish Foreign Minister David Milliband stated in 2007 that the EU should expand to include Muslim nations in North Africa and the Middle East but he lives in exclusively white Primrose Hill in London along with the likes of Kate Moss. (4)

The leaders of the Jewish communities are bringing a Europe-wide holocaust on their people by importing Muslims and I urge Jewish people rebel against them to save themselves..

The French President Sarkozy and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed this early in 2008. In fact, false Sarkozy, who is quarter Jewish, advocates that the French commit suicide by inbreeding with immigrants! What do Muslim’s think of that?

This is part of an organized attempt to surrender Europe to Islam and as the E U has the free movement of people across borders, E.U. leaders are encouraging tens of millions of Muslims and others at a time when native Europeans are losing their jobs to cheap labour and have been made foreigners in their own cities.

They support what Ernst Uhrlau, the president of Germany's foreign intelligence agency, warned of, the growth of violent Jihadist organizations in North Africa. Other commentators worry about the “far-right” parties making progress in the recent EU elections. They have caused this themselves by opposing the interests of the voters.

I have written previously about the “Ideological Caste” being in league with Muslims against Whites and Jews and more evidence comes in Michael Savage’s legal action against ridiculous Jacqui Smith.

Secret Government documents made public show that Savage was put on a British government ‘banned list’ to give it balance as it was dominated by Muslims. The documents were made public as part of the discovery process in Savage’s £100,000 libel case against former Home Secretary Smith.

Speaking to the World Net Daily news service, Savage said the Home Office chose him to balance the list of Muslim extremists because he is Jewish.

The political police discriminate against whites by stopping us to give racial balance to their pretend anti-terrorist campaign. Whites are discriminated by the law in other ways: Blacks call one another nigger, but if you are white you can get arrested for it: homosexuals call one another queers, but if you are not homosexual you can get arrested for it. If you are not white you can claim hundreds of thousands of pounds for hurt feelings. How much could you claim if you are white against Muslims?

Harriet Harman is introducing the most racially discriminatory laws giving preference for employment in law to women and ethnics over white men since The Nuremburg Race Laws. It has emerged that Gypsies and Homosexuals get priority in state benefits.

I understand that the state propaganda service the BBC is staging a drama that pretends that Muslim and Christians are equal in their behaviour. What twisted liars! Paying for a TV license is becoming an act of treason against our people.

The dominant ideology is a variant of Nazism - a “Cultural Nazism” that treats us as the enemy group and scapegoats us for all problems in the move to utopia. The groups Hitler despised are given preferential treatment over us in our native homeland but Jewish people are losing favour because of Arab money. It is a misappropriation of taxpayers money to give preferential treatment to imported groups against our interests like homosexuals and gypsies.

The move from traditional liberalism to totalitarian thinking came in the 60's when the New Left, inspired from America, changed the traditional liberal notion of individual rights to group rights. From the individual to the group - ethnics, women and gender. Individual rights refer to the rights of individuals, in contrast with group rights. Even now, forty years later, people who follow this totalitarian ideology still think they are liberal and tolerant.

The mentality of this “caste” is a puzzle of back-to-front thinking. Homosexual activists, feminists and ethnics are claimed to be superior to us; they crow about diversity but in practice demand conformity of thought and behaviour; They preach equality but impose an hierarchy of prejudices and privileges; women and ethnics are encouraged to celebrate their identities but white only groups are a going to be made illegal by evil, totalitarian Harman.

There is an ideological caste system of identity imposed as everyone is defined by their race or sex instead of class and anyone who does not conform like women, say, who cleave to traditional religion, are castigated, or discrete homosexuals, outed, and exposed to public obloquy.

Immigrants are human like us and subject to the same instincts and impulses. They have grudges against us for the Empire and the slave trade. They have loyalties, belong to a people and bonded with their territory and when they come here they do so as groups not individuals and reproduce their own countries on our territory. It is because they are human like us that they are dangerous.

They want to pay us back and will do to our children what they are doing to our people abroad. We see from Zimbabwe and the genocide of white South African farmers what our evil elites are visiting upon our children. Foreign countries are reasonable to us as they want our technology. But every so often we hear of a terrible crime against a tourist that tells us there is underlying hostility to us. They would not be human if they did not bear us a grudge.

There is a need for a cultural womb to raise children within and this applies to all peoples. It is an emotional need like needing to belong or see yourself affirmed around you, not have a different type of people represented in adverts etc.

In contrast to the elites we perceive the world through common sense which is to see the world as it is and tends to be based on our own experience rather than how we are told it is. It relates to events within human experience rather than science, for example. It is the framework of ideas and beliefs through which we interpret the world and interact with it.

As you get older you learn how people behave and learn to discriminate between who you should associate with and who avoid. You make judgements based on that. As politics is a practical affair requiring these qualities, it is disastrous to live by dreams.

When Nick Griffin MEP, was on the Moral Maze a couple of years ago Clifford Longley put it to him that he wanted to round people up to deport them. But it is Longley’s ideology prevents him seeing that it people like him causing our people to be ethnically cleansed in favour of immigrants.

Both he and other panellist Clare Fox talked of new societies being formed as if a magical process would transform this chaos of tribes into a utopia of racial harmony. What a simple view of the world!. They never deal with what is really happening but appeal to some vague utopian future as if this will come about naturally as long as we just sit back. But they ignore reality, what is happening in practice to our people. The ideologues falsify reality to fit their ideology whereas we examine it to draw more honest conclusions from it.

The gap is evident in that we refer to the world around us not to a possible future society. The battleground is reality, or what truth is. This is why we have networks sending links of events and press reports to one another and Blogs like Green Arrow starting a rolling news service to show people what is really going on.

Since the French revolution ways of organising our lives and understanding the world have been learnt from blueprints and people have been forced to conform to the ideology but I leave that to mental cases like Pol Pot, Mao and Stalin and the multi-racialist zealots. This is also true in family matters where “How to do guides” replace traditional skills being taught to the children by the parents. We have to separate ourselves from the ideology of ethic suicide the elites are inculcating in us.

For those who want philosophy we have the value of piety which comes from the latin, pietas, and refers to the respect shown in the family to the father and in the wider community to the ancestors. We show due deference to our ancestors by passing what they handed down to us onto our children not dissipating it around the world as our evil rulers do.

The very type of this is Virgil’s Aeneas carrying his aged father Anchises pick-a-back from the blazing ruins of Troy. This is beautifully expressed in the great Welsh anthem Land of My Fathers.”

An indispensable quality of human nature that is essential to a wise and secure life is prejudice. This is the traditional wisdom we inherit from our ancestors which saves us having learn every lesson anew. We would not be getting pushed out of our jobs and communities if we had not pretended that it was something bad.

You would not be human if you were not prejudiced: we are prejudiced in favour of our own people and despite their arrogant claims to have transcended prejudice the elites are as prejudiced as anyone else only they are prejudiced against us in favour of ethnics.

Our way is developing naturally from collating examples of the results of immigration and is rooted in tradition, common sense and experience of how people really behave. We learn it from dealing with people in our everyday lives, the prejudice we learn from tradition. You run your home and family by practical thinking and common sense and that is why we need to jettison the unrealistic ideologies created by unworldly academics that don’t make any sense in the real world.

Our view of the world is in the interests of our people not those of the “caste” - politicians, bankers, newspaper moguls and politicians.

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